www survey walmart com – $1,000 Walmart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes

survey.walmart.com – $1,000 Walmart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes Survey. The key objective of every Shopping Chain Department Stores for customer satisfaction survey is to find and show the company ways to improve.

Survey.Walmart.com Survey


This is buying marketing strategy at his best with prizes giveaway. You could win “Walmart Survey Sweepstakes” Gift Cards by simply participating in a short online survey about your latest purchase experience at a Walmart Store. How to Participate? Easy! You only have to complete a questionnaire about you appreciation of Wal Mart stores. This survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. For your time, you will be entered in a drawing for one of five $1,000 Wal-Mart shopping cards! For more details on the sweepstakes rules, regulations, and prizes go to WalmartSurvey Website and follow the links to the official rules. Those Survey seems to be really popular right now!

Walmart Survey – In order to help businesses get proper feedback from their customers there are online customer satisfaction survey where people by completing theses short surveys can win some great cash prizes.  survey.walmart.com or http entry.survey.walmart.com.  Keep in touch with this site and I will try to get you more of those kinds of money sweepstakes by writing about them on my future posts www survey walmart com. Those online surveys are becoming more and more popular. Did you know there is an easy way to enter a sweepstakes and maybe win a $1,000 Walmart gift card? You can find out how to enter by simply checking your receipt the next time you shop at Walmart. Walmart is offering this sweepstakes to get people to take a short customer service survey. All you have to do is visit the Walmart survey website, enter the code printed on your receipt and spend a few minutes answering some questions about your experience. This information will help Walmart improve the customer service they offer, and to thank you for taking the time to answer this survey, Walmart will give you a chance to win a $1,000 gift card.

Walmart Survey Sweepstakes Prizes:
Five (5) Grand Prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Walmart gift card in the amount of $1,000. Total retail value of all prizes to be awarded is $5,000.

How To Enter The Walmart Customer Survey Sweepstakes

You get one entry into this sweepstakes for completing the survey. Entering the sweepsShoppingakes only takes a few minutes and does not cost you anything. You can enter the sweepstakes again every time you shop at Walmart since you will get a new code on your receipt. The survey is very easy to complete and is available in English and in Spanish. You will have to enter your contact information in case you win the gift card and answer a few questions about the customer service you received or your general experience at a Walmart store. The prize is definitely worth taking a few minutes of your time to complete the survey. The $1,000 prize is awarded in the form of a Walmart gift card, which means you can spend it on groceries, clothes, toys or household items.

Remember to keep your receipt the next time you shop at Walmart. You could get weekly entries into this sweepstakes if you shop at Walmart on a regular basis to get groceries. Entering the sweepstakes is really not difficult and winning $1,000 is definitely worth it.

Big companies like this American multinational retailer corporation invest management time to conduct online surveys that are essential to their business. One way to be sure that customers take time to answer questions about their recent shopping experience, companies like Walmart come with an incentive like a sweepstakes. And here at Spring HowTo we love sweepstakes. More survey sweepstakes to come. Have a nice day!

Walmart Shopping Deals

There are many great Walmart shopping deals to be had. If you’ve ever wanted to save money, this is the place. Walmart offers great options for anyone who is struggling to stay on a budget. From inexpensive housewares to reasonably priced clothing, Walmart has it all. If you’re looking to have a special event, Walmart has a lot of great options in the event department as well. Just visit the craft section and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save on a variety of items. You can even make your own clothing with their fabrics that they stock. Anything from a casual dress to a wedding dress and everything in between can readily be made from the fabrics that Walmart stocks. They even stock the sewing machines and required accessories to go along with whatever you may be sewing. Pets are a great thing to have an Walmart has a fantastic pet department that carries everything from dog food to fish and reptile foods. If you’re looking for pet accessories they carry this as well. The grocery department has a little bit of everything and if you’re on a special diet for diabetics or gluten free they have many great items in stock for you. You’ll save big on their sales and their everyday low prices. You don’t have to shop all over town to get great deals on food, you can get all of your shopping done in one quick and easy stop. Whether you’re doing back to school or stocking your office, stocking your pantry or planning a party, Walmart has it all, and then some. You’ll appreciate friendly staff and customer service as well. Walmart even offers a nice garden department as well. You can buy all sorts of things for your yard here.

Entry: https://survey.walmart.com/

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151 Responses to “www survey walmart com – $1,000 Walmart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes”

  1. Mary M says:

    I would like to win 7000wk pch gwy 11000 start new life

  2. FAYE MOTTLEY says:

    I would like to win $1,000.00 Wal-Mart Gift card

  3. David says:

    I hop I do get luvcky

  4. David says:

    I hop I do get luvcky

  5. David says:

    I love wallmart great deals

  6. David says:

    Www walmart.com Walmart Survey

  7. David says:

    1ooo$ wallmart card

  8. Arline J.Cody says:

    can’t do from Survey already sent Thanks again!!!

  9. Karrie Payne says:

    It was great.

  10. Okays Ann HODGES says:

    I love my Wal-Mart. The prices are good. And I know the quality of all the products are good, if I have a problem with any particular purchase I can talk to the manager and the problem will be resolved. Right then and there.
    So that’s the reason I am writing to you to call this to your attention. My bank requires me to purchase ten items on my debit card. Today I went to Wal-Mart to pickup my Rx from your
    Pharmacy and decided to pick-up my 10 required items. And walked around to the check-out
    and picked up 6 candy bars the price was less than $1.00, so I went to have a nice lady show my how to check myself out. She worked with me until she had customers waiting for her. And I didn’t call out to her the difference in the price she was busy and I needed to make this
    purchase and get out.
    So what I am doing is telling you there is a difference in the price of candy at the Check-Out and the Self Check-Out. Each candy bar was better than 40 cents more at the Self Check Out. I really am not asking for the money back just asking you to get this fixed . Today was the first time I have used the Self Check Out and I will not use it again. Thanks for listening I feel much better.

  11. Betty Bresette says:

    Love shopping at Walmart. One problem. Asking where something is…Most people don’t speak English…You have to guess what they are saying….

  12. VideoPortal says:

    Walmart does not solicit online for individuals to complete online surveys for gift cards, nor do we send unsolicited emails asking individuals to participate in our surveys.

  13. josemruizvelez says:

    I like my Walmart,have everything we need and 24/7 days a year.

  14. josemruizvelez says:

    uuhf I love my Walmart have everything I need,

  15. elva says:

    I really enjoy the fresh fruits in Walmart i enjoy also the veggies they are also fresh and the rose road store in Oxnard California is real clean i enjoy it fresh and clean the whole store associates keep it up great job and most if all thanks every associate that cares for us customers – Survey Walmart

  16. Henry Howe says:

    Publisher Clearing House – PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway No. 6900. No Lump Sum Payout but instead $225,000.00 a year for 29 years and a final payment of $3,475,000.00 in the 30th year.+$7,000.00 a week for life, +$10,000.00 a week for life, + $100,000.00 a week for a year, + $250,000.00 a year for life.+ walmart shopping cards

    Please enter me in All,
    Thanks Henry

  17. Michelle says:

    You guys have great product for all types of people and cultures

    Sincerely yours
    Michelle Thomas-Whitley

  18. Irwin Landis says:

    Waiting Patiently for the customer in front of me with a full cart –and then trying to pay with a card that was rejected. when I tried to pay with my walmart card it was rejected 3 times and the clerk had to get a supervisor. My card was accepted to purchase gas a half hour before that at the gas station. I can’t say I enjoyed my day at walmart on 08 06 16 at 12:34 in the day.

  19. Henry Howe says:

    $1,000.00 Wall-Mart Cards & Publisher Clearing House – PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway No. 6900. No Lump Sum Payout but instead $225,000.00 a year for 29 years and a final payment of $3,475,000.00 in the 30th year.
    Please enter me in all, Thanks Henry H

  20. Gemma Chateauvert says:

    J’aime beaucoup magasiner chez Walmart car on y trouve de tout c’est mon magasin préféré et on est très bien servi les serveurs et servantes sont très polies et gentils un gros merci a vous tous .
    Gemma Chateauvert
    **** rue des Châteaux app 201
    code postal =***-***

  21. carolyn j. davis says:

    Walmart is my store of choice. Mr. Sam used to be a regular customer at my daughter’s deli in No. Little Rock, AR. She loved everytime HD came in because he was so down-to-earth & his stores speak to that to this very day.

  22. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    I wish I could win “$1000 Walmart Shopping Spree Cards Sweepstakes to be able to pay off my Student loan debt.I used to go shopping at Walmart almost every day.

  23. Agatha Mullen says:

    Hi there,
    Pch Prize Patrol Team, Here an opportunity that’s could help me win Ten $25.000 Walmart Gift Cards. Which I received an email about this.

    Thanks again

  24. Maureen Myers says:

    Walmart has been a great store for me I always find what I’m looking for plus they have a lot of selection.
    Their is always someone to help you and they even take you to where that items are.

  25. Vincent Raucci says:

    Receive Email that I won $1000 IF this is true..
    Where can get I pick up the card

  26. Henry Howe says:

    $5,000.00 a week forever, GWY 4900, FEB 26th; $3,000,000.00 For the Dream Home GWY 6900; $1,000,000.00 & $5,000.00 a week for life, GWY 1830; $100,000.00 a week for the year GWY 3080 & $1,000,000.00 GWY 3577.

    Please enter me in all above,
    Thanks for the opportunities,

  27. rqbert ray says:

    do all my shopping at your store

  28. rqbert ray says:

    try to do all my shoping at your store

  29. David Riley says:

    It is nice to have a store like yours.. I enjoy my shopping and act like I’m a teenager in the store instead of a forty-five year old man. Other than the meats being a little high sometimes; my shopping experience is always great!!!!!

  30. Penny Marks says:

    I like Walmart so I can shop whatever time I want to.

  31. Gail McMillan says:

    If I win I would love to have a real wedding. Then give 10% of my winnings to St. Jude, 10% to my church and start a savings account for my grandson.Thank you Fontella!!!ID# 7HWBD81H8L76

  32. David Ogden says:

    I like Walmart because I can get most of the things I need. The prices are normally cheaper than any one else. The only problem I have is check out. I sometimes have to wait a long time. I suggest that mayby the associates in other departments come to help get the checkout lines down or get more cashiers.

  33. punya sharma says:

    I like Walmart as it’s near by my resident. Moreover, it provides costumers’ satisfaction on the products they purchase.

  34. christygarry says:

    I need to win this sweepstakes for sekf and my adults kids.

  35. miriam crouse says:


  36. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I received a email that I had a 1000,00 WalMart shopping spree i’ve done enough surveys i was beginning to think it was a hoax but because it was WalMart I did them and I guess it paid off I knew I could trust them my name is Brenda Hulsey **** Thank You Very Much

  37. Michael Holm says:

    Right on Kim Copeland! My post was getting a bit long but I had a lot more to say,you covered some of it.

  38. Michael Holm says:

    Some people seem to be easily satisfied.Either that or Walmart management is posting here.Yeah they have SOME cheap prices But it seems to me that since they went to super stores the quality of product has gone down, & selection has decreased (how do you build a bigger store and end up with fewer consumer choices)In my local store they did name grocery store a huge remodel(that was a very large inconvenience)to expand the number of registers only to have a very few manned with huge lines waiting to check out and you see a manager standing by an unmanned lane watching the customers grumbling amongst themselves about bad service but yet doesn’t even open the lane he’s standing in to speed things up just stands there watching.I worked at a big name grocery store and that wouldn’t fly.When you get a back up you call someone up and open more registers.Period.You can’t get any decent assistance nobody knows anything.Long waits to get anyone to help you in any specific dept.I once spent 1 1/2 hours trying to find bed risers only to be told I would have to go online and search for bed risers and get UPC number and return to store so they could use UPC to check inventory.I don’t believe that any manager that gives that answer to a customer should have a job.My opinion WORST management in all retail bar none.And don’t even get me going on their groceries.Packaged products ok some good price others not but the meat..no way worst meat I’ve ever tried I like my meat coming from the USA not Australia or some such place.Old man Walton would be mortified to find his name linked with this super giant that doesn’t care about their customer base only about large volume sales and profits profits profits.

  39. Miosotis rodriguez says:

    Me and my family love walmart

  40. Patricia Hearns says:

    I often shop at Walmart and recently bought towels for the bathroom at the Supercentre. I have always been happy with my purchases and will continue to shop at Walmart. I am 81 years of age. Thank you Patricia Hearns London Ontario, Canada.

  41. darlene wenger says:

    I am elderly and require a power chair to get around. I like going to walmart because it is easy to get around, the merchandise is always displayed nicely, the grocery department always has what I need, and the staff is always there to help me when I can’t find or get what I want. I think of Walmart as a blessing for people like me.

  42. kim copeland says:

    I agree with Bruce Griffis, June 18, 2019, I think you need a new manager training program or use more experienced or educated people to the job. Empty shelves, 2 weeks wait for fast moving items, long lines due to shortage of cashiers just to name a few, tells me that high up managers need to visit the stores on a unannounced surveillance of the stores. I get so frusterated almost every time I go to the Petal, Ms. store. Guess being retired from management positions lets me see the faults and problems.Hope you will try to correct your problems instead of counting your profits. We do have other places to shop.

  43. Marcus says:

    www survey walmart com $1,000 WalMart Survey. Bought some stuff at walmart today. This address was written on the receipt for sweepstakes. Hope I win the thousand dollar sweepstakes from walmart. Thanks

  44. chuck Griffis says:

    Older and continual comments! in my participation in walmart surveys, of which the odds of winning anything is quite remote. well, i guess i will keep on trying. now for the serious stuff… i have continually stated that your stock control sucks; empty shelves, partially loaded shelves, the management doesn’t seem to have an answer to the dilemma. is it walmart has become so big and complacent that it really doesn’t matter, that “the price is right” so we are compelled to buy your products. I bet old sam walton would have a fit if he knew how top management is so complacent.

  45. JERROLD WENGER says:

    I do 90% of my grocery shopping at walmart because they always have what i need and the price is always good. WalmartSurvey

  46. w runke says:

    Yes it was a good shopping day at walmart we did it two times, forgot the paper for the bathroom.

  47. lela flores says:

    I like to shop at WalMart because of the variety of merchandise and the availability of products. If there is a problem the employees and management will do their best to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

  48. lela flores says:

    I like WalMart because if you purchase or receive an item and are not completely satisfied they will exchange it or refund your purchase price. They do all that is necessary to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

  49. James Mac Donald says:

    I Won a $1000.00 Gift card on Facebook .com on
    Dec. 5th 2012. When do I receive it.
    Weymouth ******

  50. sandra carter says:

    I would like to thank the workers at the vision center for ajob well done.refering to the workers atwalmart vision center north augusta.

  51. Corinna says:

    I entered the walmart survey sweepstakes about 1 1/2 ago and havent heard anything yet, they said they drawl names every 3 months . hope, i win because it would be nice

  52. Virgie Cook says:

    I have been a Wal- Mart shopper since 1975,here in my home area Wal- Mart has the lowest prices and it is one stop shopping. with this heat and high gas prices you can’t beat Wal- Mart. Thank you

  53. David Shamblen says:

    I am always happy to shop at Walmart. All of the people working there are always ready to help me in any way that they can. It makes for a very pleasant shopping experience.

  54. barbara gillespie says:

    i have tried to do the online survey a number of times and have been unsuccessful. once i enter my cell number the survey declares its an error. i think i should know my cell number. i shop regularly in my local as well as neighboring stores [walmart]. i am advised by the cashier to be sure to enter. NO CAN DO. my last 2 receipt…

  55. eiyob berhanu says:

    I didn’t not received anything I been shopping Wallmart long time I didn’t even ask but they say I win when and how or where????????

  56. eiyob berhanu says:

    I didn’t received anything

  57. Ron Riemer says:

    I love shopping at wal-mart because it a one stop store

  58. m snyder says:

    we always shop walmart all year they have most everything.

  59. charles kidd says:

    my wife and I have shopped at walmart as long as they have ben open and we like to buy gift cards because most every every one shops at walmart thanks for the survay

  60. rosemarie sheridan says:

    Hi,I shop Walmart everyweek,enjoy all the products,including my availability of the pharmacy. I wonder if at all possible,if you could enlarge your fabric dept.I,m an avid crafts person and would enjoy a larger selection.

  61. Lucien Thompson says:

    www survey walmart com – $1,000 WalMart Shopping Cards Sweepstakes

  62. Ellen Hamilton says:

    Everytime I go to Walmart,I am in awe.We love going there for all needs,groceries,animal supplies,outdoor supplies etc.All employees are friendly,helpful and genuine,like no other place Ive been.I buy all my grandkids clothes to school supplies there,it is an enjoyable expierence.

  63. keith stokes says:

    I enjoyed the comments.Most of all your marketing department does an outstanding work. I have been able to copy some of your ideas and now here is another. You are leading the way for others to follow

  64. arnold altiman says:

    well love shoping there they always have the right price for everything food,clothes,furniter mt son loves going there too he always tells m dad lets go to walmarts

  65. barbara corbin says:

    i like to shop walmart in the morning before alot of people get there so there is not alot of people in line to check out. i always can get what i need from walmart and don’t have to go anywhere else.

  66. chrissyjoh says:

    i been shoping at walmart every seen i was a littie girl i like the things they have and the workers are vary nice.

  67. James B, Whitaker says:

    This would be a great prize to win. I know i would like to have it.

  68. Maroln says:

    I enjoy shopping at Wal Mart and usually find what I am looking for. Most of the employees are helpful but some are into that personal discussion (with another employee) and that annoys me as I could care less about what they did last night or what’s going on about some other subject. Most of the cashiers are pleasant and turned in to what they are there for…and these are usually the older folks.

  69. william gill says:

    free cars for walmart 1.000.00 dollars

  70. william gill says:

    hi bill cars 1.000.00

  71. william gill says:

    free survey wal mart $1,000.00 win prize

  72. Elva Roberts says:

    I like the prices at Walmart. Sometimes it is difficult to find a clerk, but I really like shopping there.

  73. Marilyn Joan Hadey says:

    Why do I have to take another online survey for the Walmart gift card when I already have plenty f times and I still have not received that card

  74. Grace Vetro says:

    Today I had a coupon for Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers. You carry the Huggies brand but not the Pure and Natural. I had to get another type. I love the new floor plan to your store. I have no trouble finding what I need. Thank you

  75. BERNADINE says:


  76. Judy Hess says:

    I experienced some great customer service at the Bluefield Va Walmart. I did not catch the young ladies name but I am sure the receipt will tell you. I had my thumbs cracked and very painful. I could not find what someone else suggest I get that I went in there for. I showed the cashier my hands and she recommend Neutrogena hadn cream. She told me of another employee who had been wearing bandaids every day to work because her hands were so bad. She didn’t have any other customers so she turned her light out and took me back and showed me which to get. My hands were much better and most of the pain gone in 2 days. They had been that way 1 to 2 weeks. She should be recognized for such good service.

  77. Sandy Tapley says:

    I hope a winner. I got my Timex battery changed at Walmart. Thank you!

  78. Patricia saved says:

    Walmart is a one-stop store. Everything a person is looking for is there and is affordable.

  79. susan dermer says:

    Walmart has good pricing and a well organized store. I also find help from staff when I need it. One of the biggest reasons I choose Walmart over Superstore is because of the mini shopping carts for ease of carting smaller items through the store. Superstore only offers the larger shopping carts which can be cumbersome to move throughout the isles. Also, I find the baskets are too small for the odd heavier items I may need to pick up and I usually end up buying less than I want because of the heaviness factor.
    Walmart stores are clean and the staff are always friendly.

  80. worm Roberts says:

    Walmart, I can always find what i need in this store is great – Survey Walmart

  81. Arlene Fried says:

    I find Walmart a very complete store. Most of your prices are the most reasonable in comparison with other stores. I always find it clean and orderly.
    Other suggestions: You should put more emphasis on returning Plastic Bags!!! This is so essential to the environment. Also, you could handle a few better grade lines of clothing.

  82. Gerald Leisner says:

    We enjoy going to Green Bay and shopping at Walmart, but soon we will have one in our city. Great news

  83. Gerald Leisner says:

    We enjoy going to Green Bay and shopping at Walmart, but soon, next summer we’ll have one here in out city. Great news

  84. Brenda Nelson says:

    November 18th 2010
    I would like to start out by saying thank you Walmart.
    I have shopped at Walmart’s for many years and I Love It.
    I don’t have to go no where else because it has everything I need, from Food, Cloths,Electronics,Health and Beauty aids,Pharmacy,Pets,Lawn and Garden, Automotive and much more. Walmarts has everything You need at a great price. My family and myself look forward to many more years of shopping at Walmarts. Brenda Nelson.

  85. Gwenn Jensen says:

    I have a problem. I am running late and hoped to put my comments in the drawing for the most generous $1000 gift card. Please respond so I can get my entry in. Walmart Survey

  86. Van Greenwood says:

    You can shop at Wal-Marts anytime of night or day. Very convenient.

  87. Johnny Terry says:

    Wal mart is the Best!! They just built a NEW Super store in my town!! (Eagle Point, Oregon), But I still get my prescripts in Medford, Oregon. Why?? Because I been getting em there for Years, And Know everybody their!!
    Never had a mistake, not even ONE, in the 11 years I’ve lived in Oregon! Also, I tell the door greeters in Eagle Point I Appreciate MY store!, Everybody is friendly in Eagle Point Store!
    Food For Less in Medford, Oregon, is still cheaper on food, but for nessessities, My Walmart in Eagle point is Great!
    Hope You understand my Point of view!!!
    Most respectfully Yours!! Johnny Terry

  88. shirley turner says:

    I Love shopping at walmart,s night are day any hour you want to go they are there for you thanks walmart,s great store any thing you are looking for you can find it there

  89. shirley turner says:

    I Love going to walmart’s to buy all the things for my home grocery, s, things for my pets too, car and home products any time of the day are night ‘love this store ‘

  90. jesenia rivera says:

    la tienda walmart es la tienda con mejores especiales en todos los departamentos. mi nena es locoa yendo a la tienda walmart a la cesion de los jugete.

  91. Wendy Stallworth says:

    All I can say is Wal-Marts is my kind of store.

  92. Pamela Philbrick says:

    We go to walmart at least once a week. We find the products to be very good. Youhave allot of sales that we like to see.,that helps us all . We shop for our food there to. I love to go thier.

  93. letty says:

    para mi es la mejor tienda encuentro de todo y a muy buenos precios.

  94. glenda ceballos says:

    pues walmart es la mejor tienda porque yo en cuentro todo lo que nesecito.Yo en walmart en cuentro la comida para mis mascotas y tambien compro mi despensa.Pues en poco palabra en walmart en cuentro todo y para mi es facil todo porque tengo a la mano todo.

  95. Richard says:

    Went to get cat food and litter and walked $154.85 latermy recepit said I could enter a sweepstake for a grand I figured it was worth a try my ID # is ooooooooo the Manager is Hilda Ferris in Ft Worth Tx.I like shopping at wal-mart because of the savings compared to target or H.E.B I”m a Die Hard customer THanks for being a part of TEXAS. Richard

  96. Black Friday Walmart says:

    I’m a regular customer at Walmart and I’ve been for 20 years. I’m really a satisfy customer. I do all my Christmas shopping at walmart store. Great price and fantastic service. I’ve been to http www walmartsurvey com to complete the survey sweepstakes to win the prize but It’s seems that their website have a problem to load cause I can’t enter my receipt number without being redirected to another page and everything freeze. Would love to win $ 1,000 survey sweeps this would help me complete my holidays shopping for a wonderful Xmas Season.

  97. John says:

    I did not see a place to put my id# on the survey. I think if I need to put it on there I would like to to know where to put it so I can complete the survey correctly. I have my receipt with my # If I was on the wrong website, I do apologize. It does need to be made a little clearer though.

  98. gwyn hemingway says:

    i visited walmart on 501conway. it was a great experience and everything was convient to find. the store was very clean. Just having a lot of excitjng toys ou, can be alot of excitement for kids

  99. Ruth Waage says:

    Walmart superstores are great for most if not all my shopping. i can do one stop shopping and for me that is great. i find a lot of items cheaper than anywhere else. Everyone knows the name Walmart. They keep a lot of people working when others are laying off. The stores are big and clean and there is always someone around to ask questions to.

  100. James W. BROWN says:

    Wal-mart is a user friendly store chain and very be fitting for America, the Wal-mart super-center in our area have outstanding sales reps. and customer service reps I always enjoy shopping at Wal-mart and when my wife and i travel outside our states we most often
    can be assured there is Wal-mart somewhere near by ready to serve our need.

  101. Susan L. Adams says:

    I shop at Walmart three times a month, or more. I have had great help with your employees, and your prices are great. I also use the pharmacy for my drugs. I am very pleased that you are in my area. Thank you. www walmart-survey com

  102. www walmart.survey com says:

    This is an interesting post and a great sweepstakes survey. I’ve been shopping at Walmart for years now and I always been satisfy with my purchase. Employees are polite and helpful. No complaint, only a satisfied customer here! Thanks to share!

  103. edward bruhns says:

    we appreciate having Walmart so close and open 24 hours a day we have found that there are very few items that we could not find to our satisfaction the meat department has all that we desire the idea of having several 20 item only registers was a great idea

  104. karki,ganga says:

    I got offer from Walmart as a gift card of 1000 dollars,thanks for providing me gift card,i heartily thanks for Walmart of manager and employee

  105. Judy Johns says:

    We shop at walmart because it is nearby and they have most everything you need

  106. vickie woelk says:

    I shop at walmart all the time. most of the people are friendly an very helpful. I shop food and all household things.and also clothes.

  107. kim says:

    I will only live some where if there is a Walmart close by cause i always forget things and every Walmart is basically the same so its fast and easy. usually the employees r friendly, a lot better than a Kmart store

  108. zetta takem says:

    i shop at walmart all the time – wal-mart

  109. sherry kelly says:

    i love walmart, it is a one stop shopping you can get everything you need in one store, which saves on gas and time, i live about a mile from walmart, don’t know what i did before. sherry kelly

  110. Don Gillespie says:

    I love shopping at Walmart because of prices, and it is within half a mile from home. Walmart Survey

  111. Don Gillespie says:

    I love shopping at walmart, it is close to home, and the prices are great. I do all my food shopping at Walmart. Walmart.comSurvey

  112. Delores eversole says:


  113. jenniffer hix says:

    I got my number now how do i do the survey. we love walmart and this would be a great opportunity so let us know as soon as possible.

  114. david gudziunas says:

    I have submitted the id# i got from the store on 10/09/10. now what?

  115. carlos says:

    tengo mi numero de id que ago con el, i have my id how do i, please.

  116. carlos says:

    hola por anos my tienda para compras siempre a sido walmart es mi preferida i love this store .

  117. maria says:

    It will be nice if you have and order station for are older people, so they don’t have to walk so much. My friend is 78 and she complain that is to much walking to get from one thing to the next . If you have an ordering station and they can order what they need and pay for, volunteers can put the order. Together and my older friend get her social interaction. And her grocery’s.

  118. Liz Fulton says:

    So nice to be able to purchase everything at one place—-except books of stamps. Wish we had that. Walmart Sweepstakes

  119. Darlene McMurray says:

    One of the greatess enjoyments of my life is shopping WALMART, can’t compete with anything else in this world, just too awesome, love Walmart, don’t need to go anywhere else !!

  120. rickie henderson says:

    I enjoy walmart.It has about everything you could want.When ever I go into the store to pick up something I always have something else that I need and it is always there.

  121. Korkis Isaac says:

    I my self & my friend do shop from walmart all we need & its such a wonderfull place for shop & all the people who work there are helpful any time & any min. just ask & we get the right help with right person. i can say god bless America & god bless the person who build walmart. i my self like walmart & i do respect who work there.


  122. noorkhanu says:

    our family always buying all our needs from Walmart we get all sopping item from there and it is clean really good. but sometime there is big line on cash line and it tird to stay in line for old lady like me. otherwise all is verygood

  123. Kathie Davis says:

    I would be totally stunned if anyone ever won one of these surveys. I feel like a fool to even be participating!

  124. Kathie Davis says:

    My family shops Walmart because of the pricing and convenience of “one stop” shopping. Being from a rural area I usual stock up with one trip to town.

  125. Susan Latoza says:

    Love Walmart because it has good quality goods for less money, especially electronics. This is the only shopping mart I’ve been to that has sales people to help you.

  126. Shirley H. Culp says:

    I live in a rural area, about forty minutes from town, and it is so convenient to be able to enjoy ‘one-stop-shopping’. My biggest shopping is for groceries, in which cold things are carefully placed in insulated bags for the trip back home.

    I also do oil changes as well as pick up prescriptions. Thanks for your ‘everything’ store. At age 82, my appreciation is ‘above and beyond’.

  127. C P Meads says:

    I was very satisfied. Clerk installed the time on my phone for me very courteously.

  128. Virginia says:

    I usually love going to walmart but here lately it has gotten to be more of a hassle then a convenience. The “speedy” check out lanes are not so speedy anymore. I had 4 items and it took me almost 20 minutes just to get to the cashier. By this time he wasn’t so friendly and i was pretty tired myself. I really think they need to hire mopre cashiers so that they can open more checkout lines. I mean why have 30+ registers if your not going to use them?

  129. nikki dipietro says:

    service has improved since opening your new store in Naples, fl.
    more English speaking associates!
    I like the convenience of shopping in one store for every thing that I need

  130. Leona Aders says:

    I tried to enter survey for a chance to win one of five $1000 WalMart Shopping cards on the website provided on my receipt but nothing came on screen for me to enter my ID #.

  131. micheal says:

    i waited in line too long !

  132. micheal says:

    need more cashiers

  133. Danguole Ilginis says:

    I do quite a bit of shopping at Walmart and I usually find what I need and the prices are reasonable. I found what I needed this time as well. The store was clean and the employees helpful – but it was quite cluttered. This was the first time in this particular store but I got in and out in a short time.

  134. Tbogeman says:

    Has anyone heard of anyone actually WINNING one of these gift cards? I have entered many times…have even sent off the envelope requesting names of winners. They sent a list of first names and last initials…but are they real names? who knows?

  135. linda edwards says:

    i shop walmart for the prices help with the budget. the employees are courteous and helpful. i like that you can get just about everything i need at a one stop shop.

  136. anil sood says:

    i like walmart because i get every thing there what i want

  137. Don Sipes says:

    i like Walmart cause i can do all my shopping @ one store. i can get my clothes, food and health things all @ once without leaving the store.

  138. Tammy Tose says:

    I like walmark save me money

  139. Nick pisano says:

    Walmart is the place for me. It’s family values, we all can see.there’s no stress in shopping, It’s pleasant and clean. the workers there,are on the seen.Walmart stores are above the rest so when you do your shopping your at the best.

  140. ELLEN CALLANAN says:

    Compared to a year ago the whole atmosphere at Walmart has greatly improved. Now a greeter welcomes one in a friendly manner and is able to point one towards the section requested. If I get lost on the way I can approach any employee and always find him/her helpful. He/she will even accompany me to find what I am looking for! The cashiers, too, are very pleasant and helpful. When they see my difficulty lifting my packages they will pack them in the shopping cart themselves. I am so impressed.

  141. A.Mac says:

    Wal-Mart the everything store….if you need it Wal-Mart got it….I love a store where I can go and get everything I need in one place. Keep it going guys and keep up the good work.

  142. loretta johnson says:

    Walmart is a very nice and yes you do save money on things a lot of things it is a one store to shop and live better with so if you like to save money go to Wal-mart Stores .

  143. Noklek Finley says:

    Thank you Wal-mart for the Every day low price and customers friendly, My family and I do all our shopping at Wal-mart at the Webster store every weeks and we find every things that we need at Wal-mart store with great low price and great quality of the products everyday.

    P.S. I let everyone know about our Wal-Mart store in Webster, Texas.

    Thank you!


    Noklek Finley

  144. michael edsinger says:

    Me and my family love this place you call WAL-Mart, they most every thing we need for our home,car. thank you wal-mart. so that’s all I have to say.

  145. michael edsinger says:

    I like your store it has lot’s of good stuff to buy for myself and my family.

  146. yenny rafael says:

    estoyaplicando para una tergeta de walmart por que creo que me lo meresco por ser una de las que mas consumen cada semana y por que tambien me gusta lo que ofresen ok. estodo por ahora bay…..

  147. GONZALEZ LUIS says:


  148. roger zoch says:

    tryed to enter sweepstakes without credit cards WHATS UP this anyway

  149. GLORIA MOFFETT says:

    I been shppping at walmart for more then 30 years because the prices or lower, although the prices or much lower in stone mountain and sneville georgia then they are down here why is that seen like all walmart stores would be the same, but there a big price different down here in douglas’

  150. Joan Gainer says:

    I like walmart so I can shop early in the morning www walmart survey com

  151. Joan Gainer says:

    I like walmart so I can shop early in the morning.
    Joan Gainer June 9, 2019 at 8:53pm