HGTV Dream Home Giveaway

The new Sweepstakes Giveaway. The lucky winner will get to win a $2 million prize including the HGTV Dream Home, a new car Yukon Denali vehicle, $250,000 cash prize, and much more from Dream Home Sweepstakes. Could you imagine if you win this prize. how a life changing could it be.  Not only you get a new house but also a brand new car and a great amount of money. We could say that the one who will win this HGTV Sweepstakes will a start a new life. The well known and favorite American home improvement and garden channel is promoting their annual project house and sweepstakes. And this one is quite amazing! Want a new home? Every year HGTV brings their amazing giveaway! This year luxury house is beautiful. Roomy with a fantastic living room and a amazing family media space. The HGTV Dream Home 2014 is located near Lake Tahoe in the small community of Shaffer’s Hill near Truckee California. Great scenery and perfect weather. If your interested to enter this giveaway visit today and follow the on-screen instructions to enter. DreamHome Giveaway ends on June 14, 2019. Good luck!

Lake Tahoe 2014 Dream Home

HGTV Dream Home 2014

Sweepstakes Prizes:
Grand Prize: The HGTV Dream Home featured in the HGTV Dream Home special including the structure, lot, landscaping, home furnishings, merchandise, and artwork in the home, social level membership at Schaffer’s Mill club, $250,000 cash, and a  GMC Yukon Denali automobile. The winner could also take a cash option of $1,050,000 and the other prizes.

HGTV DreamHome 2014: here


Who won 2016 HGTV Dream Home?

David RennieDavid Rennie, the winner of the 2016 HGTV Dream Home on Merritt Island, accepted the .2 million cash option in lieu of the .7 million grand prize, RE/MAX 2000 Realtor Rhonda Pavone told Florida Today.

Who is the winner of HGTV Dream Home 2019?

Osgood Woman Wins 2019 HGTV Dream Home. Beverly Fulkerson got the surprise of a lifetime this week. HGTV designer and host Tiffany Brooks reveals to Beverly Fulkerson that she is the winner of the 2019 HGTV Dream Home.

Where is the next HGTV Dream Home 2020?

HGTV Dream Home 2020. Tour this coastal escape and discover design plans from HGTV Dream Home 2020, located on Hilton Head Island, SC. Come back Dec. 30 at 9 a.m. EST to enter for your chance to win.

Where have all the HGTV Dream Homes been?

Dream Home locations1997 - Jackson Hole, Wyoming.1998 - Beaufort, South Carolina.1999 - Rosemary Beach, Florida.2000 - Nehalem, Oregon.2001 - Camden, Maine.2002 - Sherwood, Maryland.2003 - Mexico Beach, Florida.2004 - St. Marys, Georgia.More › wiki › HGTV_Dream_HomeHGTV Dream Home - › wiki › HGTV_Dream_Home

40 Responses to “HGTV Dream Home Giveaway”

  1. Linda Mcgowan says:

    Hi I watch your show all the time and do I dream and I ask god to help me have my own house. I live in a housing project apt and the manager is awful we get inspected every month and he makes our lives so miserable he writes us up for having dirty clothes in the basket too cluttery 2 dishes to be washed in the sink and I cannot put oil in my car and I am parked in the street he griped about that also I am so sick of living like this and can’t stand it any more He wants us to have just a bed chair and tv maybe but everything else has to go to where we have to get a storage unit to put our things in it’s just a place to die is how I feel. This would be the ultimate dream for me! Thanks for listening Sincerely Linda

  2. Mary Ellen Potter says:

    I would really like a Home I could call my own. I could never afford a house like this. I already live in Massachusetts.

  3. maria bowman says:

    i scare when is raining becouse my house is not good for rain im single mother i work to hard but i have dreams.i dont have friends becouse i dont want nobody see my house

  4. maria bowman says:

    i scare when is raining becouse my house is not good for rain im single mother i work to hard but i have dreams

  5. maria bowman says:

    i wish you can helpme to fix my house more rain more i scared the water destroid my house

  6. deanna says:

    What a difference home ownership would make in my life. I have worked since I was 14yrs of age and am now 47yrs old. I raised 3 children on my own, with little or no help from their father. I have struggled financially and home ownership was not even a thought until now. If a Miracle Occurred and I was the winner, my whole life would change. I would be able to invite my children and grandchildren to my home. I would be able to finally help my mother out and have her live with me. It would Be a Life Changer.

  7. LeeRoy Robinson says:

    Hope God blessing me i am deaf and I never buying a house and I hate rent a house for 3 years one bedroom really small old a house… please get me new a house is my Goal

  8. LeeRoy Robinson says:

    Please get me a house

  9. LeeRoy Robinson says:

    I needs new a house so badly

  10. alfonsowilliams says:

    it would be a blessing to win that kind of money from Publishers Clearing House so I can get rid of all my debt and help someone else

  11. kathleen michaud says:

    My House is in need of major help, Three years ago my son became paralyzed and I had to move him to my moms home because it was assessable, My husband gutted a room at our house for his daughter who we have three nights a week and Gutted our bathroom and got a elevator to install on our home to try and get him back home with us, We let everything go living out of to homes and sadly my son passed away two years ago and our lives have never been the same, we are so broken and we can not even begin restoring our house because he’s never goanna come home. We can not do it, its just to hard and sad and I rely wish someone would come in and help us cope and do this, its not in our Hearts and everything around us is just sad and gone, My Granddaughter deserves a beautiful room but I just cry when I look at a gutted room and shut the door, I have lost My son and so much and I wish I could do this but it hurts to because he’s not hear, If You could help my family I would be forever Grateful. Thank You. Sincerely, Kathleen M. Michaud

  12. roman says:

    I need a job

  13. sandra gamero says:

    I want to have a home .I would give some money to help the churches..and money to help the starveing kids..I really dont care how my house looks just as long as it mine.a place my kids can always know its home.and a car that takes us where we need to go.

  14. Delores Jackson says:

    Delores jackson will give anybody her last and she need this bless

  15. Rebecca Thomas says:

    My home is dilapidated. And falling in. Worked all my life as most people do this would be a great blessing. I pray for all.

  16. Brenda says:


    Our home is falling apart. I am raising my two sons on my own and I am worried a lot. I lost two jobs at one job said I was on my cell phone I did not own one at the time. Here I sit on unemployment getting very depressed ..I have been pursuing my education .i ran out of money I need to take my comprehensive exam for my doctorate. I come from a poorer background and have tried to be strong against all odds I am getting weary…looking to a higher power…..please pray that my sons and I win…..

  17. Robin Hampton says:

    Real need and wish I could win some cash or home for me andy two sons…I’m a single mom and my sons father is deceased its kinda hard all alone. Really need this blessing and am praying.

  18. David Tinder says:

    please let me be the winner i have 4 kids 2 of them r in california they r my daughters my youngest is 4 my oldest is 25 i have my 2 boys one is 18 and 15 we live here in vegas with my brother we want 2 b on our own in a nice beautiful home my family is spread out i want all my kids back together with me so i hope i can win thank you and god bless you

  19. Delois Miller says:

    I wish I could just win some money to help me out and my family.

  20. gray says:

    iwish i could something just once!!!! THANKS

  21. Annette Smith says:

    Hi, This is so exciting to know that this could be me!!

  22. TRESSA JACKSON says:


  23. Brenda Burkhardt says:


  24. Brenda Burkhardt says:


  25. Barbara. Brown says:

    Dear publishing Clearing HouseMy name is Barbara brown I would love to be the winner $2,000,000Dollars And 250,000 a year That would be great too Any amount will help me and my family Thank You PCH For the good guys doing God bless each and everyone of you. Good luck to Alex was waiting PS hope to see you soon Barbara brown Number3080. God bless us all

  26. Glenda M. Thunder Hawk says:

    It would be a dream come true for my family! :)

  27. onefeather says:

    Are you people crazy or what? You’ll have a better chance at going to mars on an Alien space ship. Get real! These games and sweepstakes are rigged as hell. The lady who won that house? She did not live in a Crack Park with thugs or drug dealers like the true Americans do as I did for years. I worked myself out that crap and I did so without Stupid pipe dreams that are tossed at simple humans and have all to believe. :::Hey! I can win!”” No Hell you will not, cause they already knew who’d win. Wake up! Next it’ll be PCH and you’ll daydream like fools.

  28. Mary Ann Llangston says:

    After investing enough to retire (69 yr old working full-time),
    I would build a women’s dormitory for nursing students
    attending Phillips County College of the Univ of
    Arkansas in Helena, AR. This small town
    provides employment for school teachers, healthcare
    professions, .farmers and a group of citizens trying
    To promote tourism. Of course banks and insurance agents
    are there too. There is a lot of poverty and welfare
    in Phillips County just like a lot of small towns in
    Arkansas. The women of Phillips County who
    start out as a freshman nursing student may lack
    reading comprehension skills to master the course
    course work despite their desire for a career that
    will improve their families life and reduce dependence
    on welfare. With a career, abused wives have a choice to
    leave the abusive person so the abuser makes it
    as difficult as possible for the female students
    to succeed. With dormitories for women and children
    female students can put her energy into
    MacBook. There would be a child are center
    students majoring in education would earn hours for
    working with preschoolers and toddlers at the center.
    There is a national shortage of RN’s and anything
    we can do to facilitate their education is of upmost
    importance to me.

  29. D.Heater says:

    Wish everyone best of luck in winning the sweepstakes.

  30. Beaver Soley says:

    Please help me get back on my feet I have nothing coming in I am hurting for money. I am not lying if u want to talk to me my number is *** *** ****.I need some kind of income so I could think positive.

  31. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    I would 1st pay off ALL my bills, my mom’s, & my daughter Eboni (my only child), then I would donate some to my church & my favorite charity, also to my best & closest & dearest friends… Have a party to celebrate my Winnings, taking my family on a very nice vacation… Have me built a Brand New Home,house & car of my Dreams… Then put the rest up in an acct. & live off the interest of it….. Wish me Luck!!!!

  32. Linda Cooley says:

    I’m at the age of retirement, this would be a great way to start. The country is beautiful and the home allows you to make the most of the views comfortably. It is gorgeous and there is plenty of room for family to visit and enjoy the area.

  33. Anna M. Delbridge says:

    We come into the world needing a place to Clear and Reset for Another Day of Trials, & Pressures this World sets in Play. None Come with the Items, or Comforts. A HOME to Call Your Own is a Extraordinary Blessing Anyone Could Ever Receive. I Pray One Day for One of My OWN.

  34. Patsy coleman says:

    I’m praying for this home, I’m also praying for whoever gets it. I’m 60 yrs. old my husband passed 5 yrs. ago. We have a 20 yr old disabled daughter. The sweetest child god has created .god has been very good to us. I would be very happy to win the home. It would be a blessing .

  35. melanie harris says:

    So excited for a chance to win!!

  36. maryphillips says:

    THis is Amazing SWEEPSTAKES LuxuryHome, NEW CAR, HGTVCASH PRIZES, #PCH# yes yes and yes all over pch search engine, HGTV HOME LAKE TAHOE,JUST WANT TO SAY THANKYOU FOR THE CHANCES,,

  37. Sharon K says:

    A very Fantastic giveaway, I have played HGTV and enter a number of
    times NOTHING not even a note saying keep trying, so I just stay with
    playing with PCH, the people who will give you that chance many times
    so I keep praying for my blessing with PCH, people I trust.

  38. Rosette says:

    Anything you ask In JESUS Name Shall B DONE! BELIEVE IT!

  39. Mary Phillips says:


  40. Tina Thomas says:

    Hey Juliette you know me i love entering SweepStakes or Giveaway’s You are okay I trust you, i am going to enter i am keeping my fingers crossed .