What to do if you win the lottery

For all those who have actually won a game lottery there are some things you would need to know and do afterwards. You need to have a good game plan Let us take a closer look at What to do if you win the lottery (US). The very first thing you have to be aware of is the readiness for attention. This is because of the fact that winning the lottery would surely put you in the limelight. The IRS would look into your history and the police also conduct routine checks on those who win big lotteries. If you hide anything it would surely come out. Moreover the media my just want to have an interview with you and you could make yourself boring for them. What to do if you win the lottery? For those who are interested in What to do if you win the lottery (US) you need to take your payment in lottery lump sum amount. There would surely be an option to take the money over longer payments. However one has to take a huge onetime payment since you could instantly put it in an investment account to generate interest. Therefore the onetime payment is surely the best option for you.

Won the lottery?

What to Do If You Win the Lottery

Apart from this it is crucial to invest in stock market and then clear your head. When you win the lottery all things you do would feel natural. It is important that you take some time off from the job and then assess the current situation. If ever it is possible you could draw some little attention to this winning if you can. Some time off would let you make a sober and rational assessment of the winning so that you could make definite decisions regarding the winnings. You must stay away from promising people after you have won this lottery. One thing you need to do when it comes to What to do if you win the lottery (US) is to go in for the services of a team of professionals in the field of investment advice and portfolio management. Other professionals you can make use of include an estate attorney and a tax accountant. It is very crucial that the money you have won is in the hands of a group of people and certainly not one person who could be moved by a number of factors. Your life would never be the same again.

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  1. mark lasker says:

    i need this 10000 a week for life again I am a 100% disabled veteran I have a lot of past due bills i have to get paid I have a son that right now that has been helping me witch I should be helping him GOD bless him I owe him so much I owe him and every one else I need this prize money just to get out of dept and I need a new house that i could get around in with my wheelchair

  2. mark lasker says:

    i would love to buy a new house a house that is fit for me I am wheelchair bound i am a 100% disabled veterain I really need this right now I spend most of my days here in my bed I cant get out because my van is in the shop I find it very hard to live on 750.00 that’s what i reseve in my ss check i need this money please, please help me

  3. Roy Appel says:

    What to do if you win the lottery – Online Sweepstakes and …
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  4. Roy Appel says:

    Prize Patrol,
    I have been with PCH for going on seven years. I enjoy everything that you have available and with my background and experience, I would make an excellent candidate to win the Superprize. My VIP status shows how much I value you. I hope to see you knocking on my door soon. Thanks.

  5. Kelly Marshall says:

    i would first of all let every family member know thats made fun of me all these years that you are real i would cry for sure and thank god for this blessing take my family on vacation i had 3 beautiful boys ive never had a vacation disney world im sure buy myself a home help charity probably cancer my 25 yr old son has cancer

  6. Cynthia Judge says:

    looking back on my life!
    i can recall at a young age my mother playing the pch sweepstakes!
    …and she would tell me “one day i am going to win this pch sweepstake”
    here i am doing the same thing and saying the same thing!
    “one day i am going to win the pch sweepstake!
    yes i want to win for all the right reasons…they are very good reason!so i am claiming any and all entries and numbers regarding “win it all” gwy 8800
    i fully understand it is my responsibility to contact a tax attorney & tax accountant and proceed accordingly as my new future unfolds.
    trust funds will be assigned/life insurance assigned/
    foundations established/
    relocate to undisclosed location
    continue painting and continue studying
    it is my wish to remain “unknown”regarding any and all trusts and foundations!

  7. teena gonzalez says:

    I would like to claim it all .love you god bless; give me some love,,,Oh… LUCK…lol.. 8800-8035

  8. Marie M. Tucker says:

    I will help send my grandson to college and get him a car. This will also help my son a lot.

  9. Jewelene Parkins says:

    PCH I WANT TO CLAIM ALL MY PRIZES IF IT BE $5,000 wk. For life .$7,000 wk. For life $10,000 a month for life, $25,000 +2 golden TICKET, $10,000,000 Or $3.5Million I claim it all.. Thank you PCH FOR THIS CHANCE AND GOD BLESS AND HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Because if I win you just don’t know the blessing you have given me and my family. And many others that I intend to bless to that are in need..❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

  10. Brenda Hutchinson says:

    Pch I want to win $10,000. week for life or The ten million all at once. I could help my family and Friends that need help. Donate money to St. Jude and others. To win on Dec 23 would be Blessing for me and my Big Family. I hope my Prize number $10,000. or 10 million all at once.

  11. Charles Hislop says:

    Donate to Desert Aids Project, and invest some money in stock, properties, college for my daughter. Plus money in banks for my children. Then maybe start a company

  12. gwen cano says:

    frisr i;d pay off all my bill;s bless my children and then my church then the rest of my family buy a good car home close exe.help the hunger.

  13. ruth payne says:

    first i bless my church then i get a new home that i really need and the thing i need for me and my Granbaby and help my family that need help real bad my daugther that was burn out have nothing no where to live her son is handcap and can.t walk he is 26 never walk it so much i wolud love to do

  14. Jennifer Clelland says:

    After I win PCH I would buy a house, completely pay it off for my 2 kids and I so we no longer have to worry, then I would buy a reliable car so I am able to get back and forth to work. I will pay off all my bills take the kids on a vacation, put some in savings to teach my kids it is important to work and save money, then I would help out those around me whether I knew them or not

  15. wayne askew says:

    hi; my name is mr. wayne askew and I would like to win 7,000.00 dollars for life on pch search and win for life entry prize on October 21st my gwy no is 6900 or gwy no 6884 my mailing address is wayne askew crossroads 420 courtland street ne Atlanta Georgia 30308 my redsidents is 156 mills street nw Atlanta Georgia 30313 my phone is 4046494922 please sign me up and register me to win this sweepstake contest think you very much wayne askew.

  16. Daniel Ojeda says:

    Completing the final step assures full compliance and eligibility to win $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from this notice when we take a special early look foDear Mr. Daniel Ojeda:

    Please be advised that PCH Officials will be prepared to award $1O,OOO.OO to Pay Your Bills from PCH Giveaway No. 6O85!r the winning number

  17. MaryPyle says:

    Thanks so much and God bless everyone

  18. Debra Schnell says:

    If I win I would put new buildings on my farm as these are all very old well over 50 years and need to be rebuilt. The horse stall would be first then the old farm house. Electrical upgrades with solar and wind power would be awesome. Hire me helpers to take care and train the horses so they can be ridden again would be my dream come true.
    Then I will see from there, as animals first then me after. I really could use a lot of workers here and build a business of some sort to create some reliable jobs. An all American company store sounds good to me. Just a pipe dream.

  19. Donna Frazier says:


  20. Cynthia Pailing says:

    Dear friends at PCH, I wish to claime wins and prizes won at PCH, if indeed are any!I have entered often and am hoping to. Be next millionaire, Thanks for creating opportunity. C.P.

  21. De'Nise says:

    First thing is to bless my church and Jesus with 1/10 of my winnings, then purchase land somewhere very special for a home and a few farm animal’s to help sustain my family year round with all kinds of gardens. I would spend the money to help the Physicians restore my disfigured anatomy caused but a very bad chemical fire and prayerfully restore my smile I believe that is the one true thing I miss the most in my life is being able to smile and relay my feeling for all whom bless me. I would like to purchase horses and live a good life loving the lord and spend where he guides me and nothing to fancy just comfortable. And most certainly bless my Grands all girls their the light of my life, I am disabled so I would want a place I could feel secure and honor Jesus by working as much as my Body and mind would allow and I would spoil my self with a Greenhouse attached for all my plants and winter tomatoes Nothing to special I pray all this in Jesus holy name I would be happy with anything I won

  22. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    If I win the lottery, I would buy a condo or pick up truck and give some money to charity or take a vacation to travel to visit interesting places.

  23. Fernando martinez says:

    Espero abet Ganado y que sea Cuervo ya k Tengo necesidad y gracias

  24. San Juanita Salins says:

    PCH, is my best friend through these challenging moments in my life. All I can say Haven for Hope ( a homeless shelter) that provided a roof and three square meals and a night snack will be thanked generously for helping in my greatest time of need. Now, I live my own little studio. Thanks to Haven. The furniture, I have is from my eldest brother whom I call my hero. Thank you PCH for allowing me to play. Peace,Love,and Joy to all of y’all.

  25. Donna Frazier says:

    I would first help my family financially and give monies to charities for people who don’t have food or shelter. I would hope to be able to live my life without financial worries.

  26. Stacy Rogers says:


  27. Cathy copeland says:

    Yes I won’t to claim 7,000.00 a week for life from pch gwy no 6900 ..

  28. willie Lee Allen says:

    im claiming my win please contact me by email

  29. Justin Barragan says:

    PCH “VIP” I’am Here To Claim My Lifetime Forever Super Prize Please Make Me A Winner I’ve Been In It To Win It It’s Time To Find Out Since I Entered If I Win Because If You Don’t Enter You Can’t Win So I Guess We Will All See What The Crystal Ball Holds I Don’t So I Keep Praying For Times Of Better Fortune Instead Of My Days Of Stress Daily & Hard Times Of Constant Sorrow

  30. Dianne McClanahan says:

    I would like to claim my PCH Bigger Bucks Milions lotto jackpot.
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Cathy copeland says:

    Yes I won’t to win the 5,000.00 a week forever on February 26th from pch gwy no 4900


    i love to play

  33. Cathy Copeland says:

    I won’t to claim an activate the 5,000.00 a week forever on February 26th from pch gwy no 4900

  34. Cathy Copeland says:

    I won’t to claim an activate 1,000.00 cash prize an 5,000.00 forever an 5,000.00 for lifetime on February 26th from pch search& win

  35. Joseph Nsoah says:


  36. john stanfill says:

    i would be ok and well fead and my son will go to the best schools availible

  37. Rachael Johnson says:

    An entry for publisher Clearing House SuperPrize in A giveaway #4900 in my name has been authorized for processing on a Final Winner list.I went to the website so how do I enter the activation code: PC307 and where can you send me an email.

  38. Cathy copeland says:

    Hi I’m so glad pch has gave me a chance at winning thank u so much. If I won I wood give to help my family n need, I wood back to the church that was so good to me when the storm hit my house, I would help the hospital of the children’s hospital n Birmingham AL, I would give to missionary’s preachers . I would pay off my car, an get a better home, an help with many people n need Thank u pch an God bless u

  39. Rena Brown says:

    here again. I just love that a few months ago… it was all I want.. I claim… and it really struck me. painfully so. I look now and love what I am seeing. Beauty in what most have put here. BTW, Im in with you on the *Shout Out… Thank you Jesus** its the season to remind and be reminded what gifts are all about. Its encouraging to hear others… I love it. By a tiny mustard seed here and there…. I would like to add something. We really also have another thing that NEEDS help. Autism Spectrum Disorder is becoming so heavy on many families anymore. I know what one goes thru to be ASD. It is hard on parents and children. We already have a rough draft on how to make a farm for children like this… to get help with animals… DOGS are offered to so few… everything BUT US! so I would like to find a few great people to help us bring in certain pups for training or dogs that are good with the kids in this way as herding dogs. They keep close to your child and they do get to share space with others easier. This is another reason I want to do this. These children are exceptional…. they just need some help as they are the few without resources. Austrailian Shepherds outstanding for them … also are golden retrievers, Rotties and well then there is the hearding dog again! LOL Please remember me… I will come here and list forever about these things. Keep people straight? haha we all should. I want to thank you PCH! Happiness all around. SO…. if YOU WANT TO BRING A DOG… PUP? IT WOULD HELP US A BUNCH. Thanks again….

  40. Gregory B. says:

    I been playing this for years, With no success. I don’t know if this is real. All i like to do is get my Back working again. Surgeries i need. I sure would love to pay my debts from Doctor’s. I heard from the news people that this wasn’t real. I real need a miracle. I’ll keep trying. G.B.

  41. osama rushdie abdelfattah abdellatif says:

    Dear sir nice good day

    I won free lottery card sum total USD, since 2009, i want to claim it please help me and respons ?

  42. Wilfredo Rivera says:

    Did I Truly win or is this someone missing with me? If I Do win I plain to help kids around the would with Cleped Lip and keeping doing my best to help others as well around the world. Love All and God be with us all.W.D.R

  43. Susan Sanders says:

    Hi pch cannot wait tp see if I win.I would need an accountant, and a lawyer. I could start child care for mothers on drugs.

  44. denise judware says:

    i am claiming my pch gwy no 4900 7,000.00 a week for life

  45. Melody Stevens says:

    I would help the children that are in foster care here in La Paz County Arizona. Build A Facility for them to stay for as long as needed.

  46. Tammy Watson says:

    I would SHOUT THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!

  47. iris campbell says:

    dear sir,im claiming the walgreens survey sweeps today. the prize is GWY#4900 and $25,000. also, the gift card for sears,macys,jc penneys,prada clothes,and GWY#3080.also, I want to claim entry winner, congrats!!!. thanks, thanks, thanks,happy holiday, happy sunday, write and call soon with gift cards and cashiers checks too. superprize $500,000 monthly at 40 years settlement. pch/final steps #51 04 and #51 06. also,activate the activation input form today and thanks to addy Jordan too.thanks, iris Campbell.

  48. Lijnda Jarrell says:

    some one wont let me play or win 4900

  49. Janet Patton says:

    Take a Dream Vacation.
    Money to the church.
    Money to help Research William Syndrome Children

  50. Christopher S Kion says:

    So i won im 4900 gwy. No christopher kion

  51. Brenda Carlton says:

    I want to Claim My Prize’s PCH I claim 10,000,000.00 #4900 and-I-claim10,000.00 a month-for-life I-claim 3.5milliomCash-I-Claim 7,000.00 a week-for-Life-IClaim 5,000.00-week forever_I-claim100.00-my stand-I-claim 25,000.00 golden ticket X2. and-I-claim-any-and-all-Pirzes-That-I-claimed-and-own PCH I truly want to win and need to win. Thank you PCH for all the opportunities you have given me to allow me to play your games and have such a wonderful chance to win Thank You again PCH
    Brenda Carlton

  52. Joyce Zack says:

    Greetings, PCH! An estate attorney and accountant will be consulted upon winning the lottery! This win will provide financial security for our children/grandchildren, home assistance for our 80 plus years young parents, assist our and multiple family members on going medical challenges, provide scholarship funding for our local area, establish a family emergency fund, donations to nonprofit organizations and planned family vacations! Thank-you, PCH, for this humbling and blessed opportunity!