Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?

Many people have this question: Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes? Publisher’s Clearing House has been around for years, and it the premier sweepstakes program out there. PCH also offers some great products, and they are notorious for their televised visits to the winners’ homes with a balloons, a bottle of champagne, a big check and a knock at the door… So do you have to buy anything to enter the sweepstakes of Publishing Clearing House? The short answer is no, you do not. Anyone can enter the PCH sweepstakes, and you never have to buy a thing. However, you will be presented with plenty of options and offers that you could agree to accept or not. Furthermore, many people believe that the winners are people who buy something. There is no evidence that this is true. PCH would never say this, for sure. And, it doesn’t seem fair if people are allowed to enter but not win unless they purchase something. But, it sure does seem like a great marketing tactic. Many people find themselves ordering something anyway, but this is because they find the product interesting. But, then there are those that say order a magazine, while others purchase many things. So would the one who makes the most purchases be favored? No, Having explored all of the talk behind the scenes, the answer appears to be not only do you not have to purchase anything to enter the sweepstakes, but you have just as much chance of winning as everyone else.

So if you’re one of those people who like to enter sweepstakes for free, and you’re looking for a reputable sweepstakes, this is as good as it gets. You might as well give it a shot because they might be knocking on your door next. What have you got to lose? And, you might end up purchasing something anyway. They make it easy, and they have some pretty cool stuff for sale, that’s for sure. Try it! It’s FREE… You might be interested to read about their latest sweepstakes… Follow this link to learn more about – NEW 5000 a week forever  Good luck!

Publishing Clearing House or PCH is a direct marketing company that sells online products and offer magazine subscriptions at for the Publishers Clearing House Shop Online. PCH also manages sweepstakes cash game prizes, search engine and win, lottery and game websites (

PCH Sweepstakes: Win $10,000 A Week For Life


Can you really win PCH?

People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. ... But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.

How are Publishers Clearing House winners notified?

Publishers Clearing House notifies their big winners either by mail or by having the PCH Prize Patrol show up at the winner's doorstep. PCH does not notify big winners by telephone, email, or bulk mail. ... You may be notified instantly if you win a gift card from PCH Search and Win, for example.

Who won Publishers Clearing House 00 a week for life?

Publishers Clearing House Winners: Ricky Williams From Prestonsburg, KY Wins ,000 a Week for Life.

What merchandise does Publishers Clearing House Sell?

-based Publishers Clearing House uses mail and online sweepstakes promotions in the sale of magazine subscriptions and household products, such as books, CDs and DVDs, clothing, cookware, and jewelry.

Can you buy stuff from Publishers Clearing House?

Founded in 1953, Publishers Clearing House is a multi-channel direct marketer of value-based consumer products and magazines. The company calls attention to its products by providing consumers entry for chance to win sweepstakes prizes. No purchase or payment is ever necessary to enter or win.

How do I order magazines from Publishers Clearing House?

You may take a look at a selection of magazines at by clicking on the "Magazines" link at the bottom of and merchandise at by clicking on the "Begin" button on the same page to start a sweepstakes entry. A range of products will be shown during the entry process.

How do I pay my PCH bill?

Visit us at to view your order status, check your account balance, check on the delivery of most merchandise purchases and pay by check, credit card or debit card, and best of all, there are no additional processing fees to pay online.

How do I enter the PCH sweepstakes?

Entering the PCH sweepstakes is very simple. For online sweepstakes entry, go to our PCH homepage at and click on the giant, green “begin” button. Just enter your information and retrieve your Super pass.

How do you enter PCH sweepstakes without purchase?

There's no purchase necessary to enter to win the PCH Sweepstakes! Your entry is always free. You don't have to buy anything to enter. In fact, buying won't help you win.

What is PCH Online Sweepstakes?

PCH is a direct-marketing company that sells merchandise, magazine subscriptions and operates several prize-based websites. While best known for the sweepstakes and Prize Patrol it uses to promote its magazine subscriptions, the majority of the company's revenue now comes from merchandise.

Does anyone ever win PCH sweepstakes?

Yes! Real people really do win! The winners you see being surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol in our TV commercials are not actors, but the actual winners at the moment-of-winning (There's no staging or pre-notification).

What are the chances of winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?

Publishers Clearing House has said your chances of winning a top prize such as ,000 a week for life are “in the hundreds of millions.” Other estimates place your odds at 1 in 1.7 billion. To put that in perspective, your odds of winning the Powerball lottery jackpot are 1 in 292 million.

Who won the Publishers Clearing House 00 a week for life?

Ricky Williams won ,000 a week for life.

113 Responses to “Is A Purchase Required to Enter PCH Sweepstakes?”

  1. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please grant me a valid prize number for the $1000000 sweepstakes I would love to win this prize thank you Fred haut

  2. Fred Haut says:

    PCH please grant me a valid prize number for the $1000000 sweepstakes I would love to win this prize thank you

  3. marilyn says:

    would love to win and leave my kids something, been playing for 10 years and still waiting,

  4. IRENE says:


  5. Joyce Mcgowin says:

    I love to win 1,000.00 a day for life help my family. And a better life for my self not have to worrying. About my bill no more or not a thing. i hope i win

  6. Jose L. Alegria says:

    Just want to win for my family, they deserve more then I could give them. Thanks.PCH,enter to claim winning $1000. A Day for life Now.

  7. Frederick Carter says:

    Yes I want to win the 1000.00 a day for life . And to win this would be the best thing in life for so many reasons

  8. noel brown says:

    sure hope this time pch no 8800 is good to me bought 5 times good to use the products thats all though thanks PCH

  9. Richard Drummond says:

    It would be a nice a great feeling to win the $2,000,000.00 plus more because I am crippled and cannot work for the last 11 1/2 years. I live alone and it so hard to make meat ends. So please give me a big check, I’m so lost in Tucson, Arizona!!!

  10. Diane Bowman says:

    just followed instructions in email shopped and selected one and at the end was told no items purschased when i did and received received email confriming

  11. Janice Wood says:

    Well winning $1 Million its crazy see you soon

  12. Hugo says:

    Pch I like to win $10million on ones is Apurchase Required To enter Pch Sweeptakes?

  13. Kimberlee A McLaughlin says:

    I am hoping to win this sweepstake so I can make sure my grandchildren can attend college and will pay off debt.

  14. Sarah Darnell says:

    No you don’t have to buy anything to enter, but i always want to. I love to play the PCH games and play
    the lotto, so much fun. it isn’t everyday you get a chance to win big, it is so easy.i feel i will win.
    i have dreams about it. if it were to happen and i win
    big, i’d help my family, then myself. i have a good friend that needs help, the most important thing in life is people, so share ………………..

  15. andy rodriguez says:


  16. andy rodriguez says:

    ok hope I win something haven’t won nothing here not even 5$ so if I don’t make it I will just go play some games it gets tireing joining and the odds say I should win SOMETHING HUH ??

  17. Sarah Darnell says:

    Well I didn’t win Oct. 21st like I thought. oh well I’ll keep trying. and of course you don’t have to buy anything, to enter but I always do. I always find something I just have to have…..some of my favorite things are from pch. My mind is set to win, and by god I will. you just watch…………………………………………….

  18. James Shelton says:

    Yes confirm

  19. theodore west says:

    I need to obtain an lifetime prize number for the PCH $10,000.00 a week for life sweep stakes drawing on december 23,2016

  20. Mrs. Burgos says:

    I would pay all debts. Good luck everyone!

  21. Joseph agibinik says:

    I would love to win ten thousand dollars a week for the rest of my life thank you pch

  22. Charles H. Nelson jr. says:

    I’m a Baltimore City Police officer retired, along with 15 years in the U.S.Navy.If I where to win I could finally retirement and take better care of my health and family. Putting green money away so my daughter could go to rain Surgery school and become a Great Female doctor.Thank you.

  23. Maureen Farrell says:

    If I win PCH’s $10,000 a week sweeps, I will be able to help family and friends that struggle to make ends meet, plus charities that’d really welcome/need big donations. Plus, I’m retired, on a limited income, and I babysit my 2 grandsons 40 hours a week (for no pay, just as my parents did for me, taking care of my daughter while I worked). The $10,000 would be a huge blessing. Thank you!

  24. Sandra Mckinney says:

    Hi still hanging on it is so hard to do this and do other things house a lot of doctors appts I am getting tired . But I keep coming back for more I hoping soon I will be able to pay off a lot of money in dep’t.. Would love to buy a home and relax . LOve to be able to see the world we live in because I can”t fly due to dvt”s and oxagen and ray have ibs and crones dease .we could buy a camper to travel in.

    Thank you for listen, bless all to me #6900 10/16/16

  25. Violet Nelson says:

    I am not sure what to do to activate my entry . It is confusing when I do the search . When checking the different thing I don’t seam to get anywhere . I would love to win a PCH contest but I am having problems with it . I have not won any contest anywhere.

  26. Sarah Darnell says:

    I will win 10,000.00 for ever I will not stop till I do. 3nd. entry because I want to win……….Thanks.

  27. Vikki Ovchinnikov says:

    This Is Such A Mind Blowing Joke No Buying Yet They Put 4 Pages To Buy,And Magazines Really I Been Doing This For Year’s They Even Don’t Give You Token’s You Get,I Came So Many Times To Win Money Rigged Am Better Play The Game With My Apps On Computer.I Was A Winner In 8/31/16 No Joke Games Buy Buy YOU A Winner E-MAIL PCH Changes month’s later SCAM.

  28. Douglas Blumenschein says:


  29. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  30. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  31. susan allen says:

    I would really be blessed if i could win it all iam not going to be here for ever and i would like to no that i left my kids an granddaughter all of 6 and maybe more with a start in life because its truly hard out there!

  32. Luann Reniska says:

    PCH & everyone in Texas as well as all over the country. First the weather guys are calling for more rain in Texas, or as we say if ya don’t like the weather wait a minute cause it’ll change. So please keep a close eye on your weather no matter where you live.
    But if i were to win it all i can honestly say this and put my right hand to god and swear that everyone will be helped because of the following. I will not only print and mail out for free a very helpful book to everyone, but i will also sit down and write checks to the agencies that help people out every month, so they can keep helping out more people. As well as Toy for toys because i have done a great many of there runs and it is so sad when you see only 2 and 5 bikes show up for the kids. The kids can’t help that they were dealt the life they were, and that the crowd didn’t show up to help the kids out. This is why the Toy for Tots is close to my heart and why i donate all money i made for the benefit.
    But there are websites, and phone numbers ya’ll will really be shocked of. Ya see i’m also a nurse that comes from a huge medical family as well and i knew that if i didn’t put this together now, it would of never been done.

  33. Jesse fairley says:

    Yes want to be the next winner on june30th

  34. Marie Elaina Whitecotton says:

    I sure would like to win the $7,000.00 a week. I don’t need a new car, but the $I,000,000.00 sure would be nice also. I like playing the many games and have points over 14-million now and moving up and onward.

  35. Linda Kaasch says:

    Hope to win the sweep stakes win it all .games are fun and maybe lady luck come will show.
    And not just For us but i like to give to animal shelter here in nebraska the linda

  36. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    No purchase is not required to win the Sweepstakes. Purchase should not help win Sweepstakes. However, a participant can buy products that are advertised by PCH Partners, like magazines and Groceries etc. I wish I could win any prize of Sweepstakes.

  37. Ralkhar Bualteng says:

    No purchase is not required to win the Sweepstakes. Purchase should not help win Sweepstakes. However, a participant can buy products that are advertised by PCH Partners, like magazines and Groceries etc. I wish I could win any prize of Sweepstakes.

  38. Charles R Suttles says:

    I, Charles R Suttles,VIP, claim eligibility to win
    Super Prize of $2,000,000.00 cash, plus $10,000.00 a week for life, plus a new car, or Ford pickup.

    Thanks to PCH for the opportunity. CS

  39. Maria Baez says:

    I would love to win the next PCH

  40. John Giannino says:

    I need to win. I am having a lot of health problems for me and my daughter, also I am way behind in my bills and being haunted by the IRS.

  41. Joan C Rajah says:

    Like some others I still don’t understand how to win any to the sweepstakes. I know you don’t have to purchase anything to win. However, I completed the information on one form and when I hit submit, the information disappeared. Yes, I want to win. But, I don’t know how.

  42. Charles R Suttles says:

    I, Charles R Suttles, VIP, am entering to try and win
    Super Prize $5,000.00 a week for life.
    I was requested to mention why I want to win the Big
    Super Prize, in my situation, it’s all about my family, my wife, of almost 60 years marriage and my very
    hard working 3 Sons. They are all nearing retirement
    age, and I have been retired since 1996 and I know how precious the retirement years are to each family.
    First, we all pray for good health up to and through
    those retired years. I have witnessed several close
    friends who worked 40 or more years and died almost
    immediately following retirement. I have been anxious
    to see my sons retire in good health, so we may all spend time together, enjoying them and our nine Grandchildren and one Great Grand daughter. There you have it, it’s all about Family, good health, friends and our God, whom many countries
    cannot worship without fear of persecution.Best of luck to all entries, and may God bless this, the greatest nation on
    the planet. Also, thanks to PCH for the opportunity. CS

  43. dolores thomas says:

    pch am living my life like there is no tomorrow winning.will be life change of celebrating,joy,live,love,happieness.stressfree.

  44. Trisha Hartwell says:

    Want to win 10,000.00 a week forever

  45. Vincent Boman says:

    Just pray that I could win the superprize for a great blessing better life for my family & to help others

  46. Julie Kay Bernbe Garcia says:

    First of all my so happy I made it this far. It would be a blessing to win. I would love to be the winner. I have a wonderful family that I would love to take care of.

  47. Betty ramirez says:

    I want to win don’t I’m now what I’m doing but would like too win 4900 for the 10,000.00 for life

  48. Barbara Robinson says:

    I’M Feeling Lucky

  49. Mason Boynton says:

    It will be a Christmas joy to see the
    Prize Patrol team at my front door
    What will I say? Well I know it will be
    The best surprise yet to come on a very special day. I would love to give
    Everyone on the pch team a hug for
    All there time bringing joy to each
    family’s out there who have won God bless all of them too. Hey! I think it is
    My turn to be a winner yes! Winning
    $10k a week for life is no chump change I will gladly take it with a big
    Smile with joyful feeling.
    Thank you with Gods Blessing!
    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  50. Natalie Moroz says:

    Super Prize PCH $10,000.00 A-Week For Life Giveaway No.4900 on 12/30/2015

  51. Deborah Jackson says:

    I want to win $10,000 a week for life, pch gwy No. 4900 with search and win. On Dec, 30th 2015.

  52. Ray Barton says:

    I been trying everything I can to win the sweepstakes but I must be doing something not right. All I want to do is win and help out my family and give my just born granddaughter a trust fund for college. But all I do is keep playing the PCH game and right now all I thing is it’s just a big joke so you people can keep people coming back to play.

  53. Teresa Johnson says:

    NBC no purchase necessary pch sweepstake giveaway search and win entry from the bottom to the top I got nothing to lose so enter me for a second chance drawing for to become a millionaire dream come true Dec 30, 2015 Can’t you hear what I hear the pchtv music winner moment.

  54. Ivy Coker says:

    I need this more than ever please let me know more if I’m missing something

  55. Elgie odom says:

    It sure would be nice to able to pay my bills and not worry where the money is gonna come from and I could give money to help others that need it to and give my four boys money to help with there kids I love my family so much.

  56. Elgie odom says:

    I would to win 10,000,00 a week for life I could really use it I would help people I no who really need it and give some money to my four boys who I love very much . And if I win I love give God all the praise and glory because I no he would be the reason I won and I love him he has done so much for me he healed me from cancer more than once so I really need the money and would use it to make ends meet.

  57. ophelia garcia says:

    I would be very fortunate to be blessed or lucky to be the person to win. Thank You.

  58. kathyedmonds says:


  59. Cassandra says:

    Yes I would love to win it on dec30,2015 #4900 I feel that Lady Luck is on my side

  60. Rachel Christine lopez says:

    This would the thing to happen to me.thank you pch .I have been waiting for your the door knock from you great people. I’m here bless you all.

  61. gwendolyn y taylor says:

    Thanks for opportunity to join many people looking to win the $10000/wk for life prize #4900 on 12/30/2015. I am retired and would like to have funds to assure a happy life during my retirement. I would want to invest assuring good healthy life for family. I lost my daughter,
    Charisse on 1/15/2015 to stage 4 lung cancer. She suffered a year before passing at age 43. A lot of my savings went to help her, since she didn’t have the funds for proper help insurance. I would look to also go visit some of my relatives. At age 74 I help the need to visit relationship ex I grew up with. Mostly the cousins I feel so close, suffering, themselves. Richard
    has a bad heart and lupus, Annie has dementia, Bill has dementia. These are my favor cousins! I would love to see them. I am the last family of immediate family and the oldest. My father, mother and sister I took care before they pasted and then my daughter. I just need to enjoy life myself.

  62. Ernell. Ross says:


  63. Teresa Johnson says:

    No purchase is required so enter me for the pch to win.It’s free why not I’m in to win! I’m 100% in it to win it!

  64. Kris Trotnic says:

    I would donate some to the military and want to buy a swim pool along with moving to a warmer climate and travel the world along with taking a cruise and donate money to my church and much more!!!

  65. sonia sanderson, says:

    my frist time playing any games or sweepstakes,my 10,000.00aweek for life entery 4900,4900,4950,4902,4650

  66. Rosemary Cortezbrewer says:

    Yes, I’m ready to be the next $5000-aweek-for-life-sweepstakes winner & the next millionaire winner! First thing I would do is pay all my debts, go buy a few years old Red convertible Jaguar. Go spend some time with my brother, nephew & my nieces & help pay for college & set up a trust with them. Then most importantly donated my time & $$ to get more involve in helping the kids with cancer & see what I can do to better help there needs & be a big advocate for donating funds to find a cure for all cancer. So our innocent children can beat this disease & enjoy what life has to offer them. & with all of my support and unconditional love & having faith that we can make a difference….

  67. Douglas Blumenschein says:

    I would be relieved, happy, joyfull to get the superprize 10000 a week for life #4900

  68. Stan Horton (Retired Marine) says:

    I am retired military and a animal rescuer (Dogs,Cats & All Others).
    I know many other rescuers (and Veterans) who all need assistance in saving helpless animals !
    This would help us to save more lives and pay Vet bills for our rescues (and to feed them).
    I hope you consider awarding someone that conducts rescues for helpless creatures (If not me,then
    another rescuer).

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Stan Horton
    Retired Marine

  69. rudolph shannonjr says:

    I want to be the next PCH winner in for the win thank you

  70. Jaime Carabajal says:

    I search today to claim my 10x entries for gwy no 4900 $10.000.00 a wk for life. Keep search to activate my entry and claim it

  71. Nancy Conway says:

    I would love to win $10k a week for life. Thank you PCH for this opportunity.

  72. Ken Payne says:

    Veteran with PTSD, Braininjury, unemployable…trying to help family

    I hate games on top of that

  73. Debra Russell says:

    I hope I am at the right place to enter anything ! I am searching and searching and can’t seem to find the the right place to be ! I just want to win so I can pay My debt to you and help myself have a better life ! Money is very tight at my house and everything keeps breaking which is very depressing ! Everyone thinks I am crazy for even playing ! I believe in you PCH please prove me right ! ❤️.

  74. Dennies carver says:

    PCH I’m Captain This online exclusive $10.000.00 gwy 5321 October 1st and love to have this prize giveaway paid for all my depths wow this a headache of my hand have a great vacation spend some Quality time with my family Pch this prize is awarded to me and will be awesome

  75. Brenda. Hampton says:

    Dear patrol team for pch, I would love to win $5,00000 dollars a week for life. i would also like to win $10,000.00 a week for life. At giveaway number 4900 for pch sweepstake drawing. I would love the opportunity to see how it feels to be lucky in one way or the other. Thank-You PCH staff for the chance to try winning something wonderful in my life.

  76. Gene Beck says:

    Looking to help my retirement from the Military! Would love to build my dream home!

  77. Gene Beck says:

    Looking to enhance my retirement from the Military! Sure would help!

  78. Judy Jackson says:

    Looking forward to winning and plan to pay off my mortgage and give money to my church and Childrens Home Society.

  79. Donna Brunk says:

    I would buy a nice home for me and my family and pay off my loans and put money aside and also help some family members out.

  80. Yolanda says:

    Enjoy my family and take them on a trip around the world with me

  81. Marie Brown says:

    I will make sure my grandchildren’s college education is paid for.

  82. Dennies carver says:

    Pch I wil love at ieast something please help to unlucky $10.000 thank

  83. Sharon Wimbley says:

    I would do many positive things such as help the needs of others

  84. Rosa Armenta says:

    I would love to help my church first of all and my oldest sister that is struggling with her husbands disabled

  85. Annette Michael says:

    I’m in it to win it all a nice new car pch gwy no. 4900 & no. 5035. It would be a nice retirement plan.

  86. Krystal martinez says:

    “Yes!! I would like to “Win IT ALL” !!!
    If I win I would like to buy a family house and family car so I can take a vacation and then I would save for my daughter college.

  87. Thomas Karrer says:

    I wish I could win the pch I would pay off my bills and by a house for me and my daughter and granddaughter and get a new truck

  88. marvel marks says:

    I love to become the next winner PCH.

  89. marvel marks says:

    I want to win 2,000 now, an 10,000 a month for life. I pay off everything.

  90. Andrew says:

    i am signal father of three awesome kids. I had to take pay cut of 13 dollars and my blew up. I would love to win 5000,7000 or 10,000 every week for life. I would put my kids threw collage and buy use a house and get new car for me. I would love to help my kids get cars for them. Please help us

  91. Walter hall says:

    I am from Alabama my name is Walter Hall they look like my numbers Phenix City Alabama

  92. jose Cortes says:

    Claim pch entry to win gwy 4900 4902 4749 4650 for sure please this time

  93. Terry Hollenback says:

    Terry yes PCH GWY NO 4900 would love to win

  94. Messina Hagood says:

    Yes I would love to be the winner of $5,000.00 a week for life. Where do I pick up my prize for life. It would be great if I could get a better place for my children to live in and out of debt for life plus be able to help others who are struggling. Thank you

  95. Bruce Hoekstra says:

    It’s been A while since I commented on this web, glad to be part of it, thank you. I’m still around, even though I’m old. But what else is new? Hope I’m around to win, so do other people deserve to win.

    Life is good, I will keep trying here in Sebastopol Ca. Close to the ocean. Where the Birds was filmed. I sure do thank You PCH.

    Bruce Hoekstra 3-3-15 5:03 PM

  96. Mary Burr says:

    If I don’t have to purchase anything in order to try for the sweepstakes, why do you keep telling me this is my last chance to enter?

  97. Stephen Milo says:

    Wow. How exciting to have a chance to win giveaway no. 4900. I would appreciate any winning. I need a new car really bad. I’m driving a 2009 Nissan Versa that my dear wife was killed in hit and run Christmas 2010. I am Widowed and disabled with fused right leg 3 ” shorter with shoe lift and L1 and L4 vertebraes in lower back crushed 80 %. I really need a handicap vehicle. After I lost my sweetheart wife a best friend from church steals my 100k life Insurance money from me when I was vonorable. I need a break. Thanks pch for giving us a dream. Good luck to all. I mean it. We all need a break. Blessings. Steve :-)

  98. Bruce Hoekstra says:

    Yes! I will comment again, nothing has happened. I did not win

    Yet I am A winner, because I’m still here, plus or me, just had A 70 ft. Redwood tree crush my house, in Sebastopol, Ca. Just 25 min.
    From the ocean, but we survived it all, we have coverage, but not for all. A little extra would help. But many need help, I’m not complaining, happy We survived it all. Thanks for this opportunity,
    Will keep on going. Thank you all. Bruce Hoekstra, 2-25-15 at
    10:25 AM by for now.

  99. William Roberts Jr says:

    Win $5,000.00 a week forever February 27th, I need to win this Pch, and I know that you are sick of me, and I don’t blame you, but, if I don’t come out from under this debt, I’m never going to come up and be able to support or have my family back, I can’t believe that I’m pouring my heart out,over and over to the media and to a contest that may or may not come through for me, unbelievable, I’ve fell really hard, and there isn’t anything or anyone to help me get back on my feet, I’m a very loyal person, whose been there for everyone, wow, I fed the street people, gave them blankets, hot coffee, soda, sandwiches, some I slipped a piece of money in their hands, talk about the scriptures in the Bible that says, Blessed is he that consider the poor, the Lord will deliver him in the time of trouble, the Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and he shall be blessed upon the earth, wow, I’m not blessed upon the earth, I’m hurting, broke, hungry at times, can’t afford to take care of my family, I’ve got a truck and am getting ready to lose it if I don’t make the payment on it.Wow,I can’t even get one break, to come up.

  100. medrdo florez says:

    Yes. I wanna win. It all a millionaire making forever super prize s on February. 27 3080 1838

  101. elvin poche says:

    $5,000 a week for life

  102. Vindi says:

    I’d be so grateful if I were to win!!!! I could get the dental work done that I have to have, plus, I could help my daughter (she’s raising her Grandson) who gets no help with finances with this little boy. I could help out needy families/humane society/pay others gas & electric bills & buy groceries for struggling families. I could do a multitude of charitable things.

  103. Mamie Duggon says:

    I would love to win this sweepstakes it would make my year for 2015

  104. Priscilla Steele says:

    I want to win as I am now retired. I know there are folks that are trying to decide to buy food or pay their insurance and buy their medicine.So I want to help . We have a community center that gets food from Second Harvest Food Bank to help those that need food and clothing.We sell second hand clothing to help buy the food. I want to win the $5 or $10,000.00 a week for life so I donate 10% to help. Thank you for considering me for a prize.I would be glad to show you the center if you come to Roan Mountain,Tn.

  105. Bill says:

    I am impressed that PCH has so many $$$ winners expressing their Joy to PCH on how easy it is to win without any control by PCH. What a Story!

  106. Teresa says:

    would love too WIN for our Families so it would be easier or us to be able to help our families would be so wonderful

  107. Bruce Hoekstra says:

    Replying only takes A few moments, could be the best few moments you select, but who is counting time, sure one does when your a old as myself. But one has to have A little fun, why not right now, PCH gives us all the opportunity, if you don’t try you
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  108. Grant Rohm says:

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  109. Bruce Hoekstra says:

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    July 15, 2019, 1:55 PM.

  110. RICKEY EVANOFF says:


  111. Brenda Carlton says:

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