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wagcares.com – Walgreens Feedback Sweepstakes. You’ve been recently a customer at one of Walgreens Pharmacy stores, did you know that you’re eligible to enter a 3,000 dollar monthly cash sweepstakes. walgreensfeedback.com and wagcares.com are the official URLs to access the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey where once on the website you can access their latest survey sweepstakes for a chance to win their $3,000 monthly cash sweepstakes prize. Indeed Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes are really popular right now! For the success of every business it is very important to know what their customers think about them. They need to have their constant feedback to help the business get better. A way to do so is by offering participant a cash sweepstakes. Walgreen Stores is offering every month a $ 3,000 in cash sweepstakes for their survey. Visit http walgreensfeedback.com – wagcares.com and follow the online instructions to complete their latest satisfaction survey. Important! You will need a receipt proving your latest shopping experiences in one of their store. By conducting these feedback surveys companies like Walgreen gathers tremendous information about their customers shopping experiences. This is done to improve the sastifaction of every  customers and ensuring that they have a positive experience with the company’s goods and services. And for the pleasure of our readers these surveys normally come with sweepstakes where people doing the survey are eligible to a drawing.

Sweepstakes Prizes:

One Grand Prize: Grand Prize Winner will receive $3,000, awarded in the form of check. Prize may not be substituted, transferred, or exchanged except at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. Grand Prize Winner will be required to claim prize at a Walgreens store near winner’s residence.

See official website for rules and prizes details.

Survey Entry:  https://walgreensfeedback.com/


How do I get a Walgreens survey?

How To Take The Walgreens SurveyMake a purchase at a Walgreens and save your receipt.Visit WalgreensListens.com.Fill out the survey questions.You will automatically be entered to win the ,000 grand prize.Apr 13, 2018acceleratedgrowthmarketing.com › www-walgreenslistens-comHow To Take The Walgreens Survey - Accelerated Growth Marketingacceleratedgrowthmarketing.com › www-walgreenslistens-com

Does anyone win the Home Depot sweepstakes?

The answer is “yes.” Brian Daley of Salem won a ,000 gift card from Home Depot. He used his winnings to buy a bunch of tools. You see the offers on a lot of receipts.

What is Walgreens viewpoint?

Walgreens Viewpoint is an online community panel created by Walgreens. ... Chat with like-minded customers about your experiences of shopping at Walgreens; Preview and provide feedback on new products, services, and communications; Take part in contests and activities to win Balance® Rewards points.

How do I make a complaint to Walgreens?

-Store Inquiries:1-800-WALGREENS or 1-800-925-4733; -Corporate Inquiries: 1-847-914-2500; -Customer Relations: 1-800-925-4733, option 4. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Does anyone win the Home Depot sweepstakes?

The answer is “yes.” Brian Daley of Salem won a ,000 gift card from Home Depot. He used his winnings to buy a bunch of tools. You see the offers on a lot of receipts.

How do I get a Walgreens survey?

How To Take The Walgreens SurveyMake a purchase at a Walgreens and save your receipt.Visit WalgreensListens.com.Fill out the survey questions.You will automatically be entered to win the ,000 grand prize.Apr 13, 2018acceleratedgrowthmarketing.com › www-walgreenslistens-comHow To Take The Walgreens Survey - Accelerated Growth Marketingacceleratedgrowthmarketing.com › www-walgreenslistens-com

Where do I send suspicious emails to Walgreens?

To report it directly to Walgreens, forward the email to report-fraud@walgreens.com. To report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), forward the email to spam@uce.gov or visit their website. To report it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), forward the email to reportphishing@apwg.org or visit their website.

Why did Walgreens send me a check?

Walgreens TCPA Class Action Settlement Checks Will Be Mailed Soon. ... The plaintiffs claimed that consumers who previously filled their prescriptions at a Walgreens were then sent an unsolicited robocall in order to encourage them to refill their prescription at the pharmacy.

How do I check my Walgreens rewards points?

A: You can see your current point balance by logging in to your account at Walgreens.com/Balance or on the Walgreens mobile app. You can also view your current point balance on your last Walgreens receipt or by calling (855) 225-0400.

How do I redeem Walgreens Balance Rewards points?

Total points can be found at the bottom of your receipt or online when you sign in to Balance Rewards. In store: Ask the cashier to apply your points at the register during checkout. Online: Look for your prompt to redeem during the checkout process.

21 Responses to “walgreensfeedback.com – Walgreens Feedback Sweepstakes”

  1. Patti Newhart says:

    The service is par excellent. Christian helped me with an end of the night shopping trip, helping me to locate items in the weekly advertisement…of there is an item I need and I know it a dollar more than at Walmart I will buy it because of the excellent customer service and ease of return. Your cosmetic associates are extremely knowledgeable and helpful an
    Walgreens policy of return s for cosmetics when color doesn’t work gives me confidence on making my cosmetic purchases. You have saved me from spending hundreds of dollars on expensive department store cosmetics…..I AM A REVLON GIRL!
    Thank you Walgreens and Walgreen’s employees for bring who you ate….simply the best drugstore.

  2. Edwin Weekes says:

    This was my first time shopping at Walgreens as I am only in the country four weeks. It was bright and welcoming and a sales clerks and cashiers are very polite.

  3. Betty Sampson says:

    Entering the store, the cashiers are always courteous; making me feel welcome and at ease.

  4. wallis gantt says:

    Shop at Walgreens almost daily. always have a good experience. customer service is consistently good. prices are very good and coupon book is helpful.

  5. kris moraza says:

    walgreens at washington st located in hartford, ct is a terrible shopping experience every single time. The register rewards coupons almost never scan, last trip the cashier called the mgr and was told to enter it manually it took 7 minutes to resolve. At this location there is a policy if cashier doesn’t ask you if you want a candy bar with your purchase you get one free. Cashier did not ask when I mentioned it to her she looked at me funny and said she knew nothing about it until her supervisor came and let me choose one. these people don’t care about your shopping trip and it is also because of the location nothing but panhandlers at the entrance and exit of the store, people leaving with stolen goods. Every week sale items are almost never available there is always a problem checking out. Walgreens prices are high on regular items everything is buy one get one half price why not some items just half price? won’t be back

  6. kitty novello says:

    Have done this for yrs and yrs. A faithful walgreens customer. Never win

  7. lowell knerr says:

    I have no comment.

  8. michele finney says:

    My most recent visit was wonderful. i went in for a particular item and the saleswoman, Nancy from the Pine Hill, NJ location was great, she helped me get the most off with coupons and redeeming my points along with explaining about the recent promotion/sales that saved me money. i thought she was the mgr since she went out of her way to help and guide me. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. this occurred on 1/11/14. — wagcares com


    My first time ever shopping at a walgreens.the new store opened on July 22, 2019 we went a week later. the store was very clean very well stocked, and the staff was very friendly and professional, i also took the test on their computer for a position in their store. i applied for the cosmetic position. i also took the assessment test. i spoke to the manager of the store. he was very polite and very professional i expressed to him that i am interested in a part time position..i really loved the store.the new store opened in cheverly maryland on Landover road. – WalGreens Survey

  10. bianca duenas says:

    I like
    walgreens in orange picker and san jose blvde because the customer service is excellent and mainly the pharmacist is always aware of the medications prescribed by doctors to see if they have a intereaction with one and other

  11. nichole says:

    I did the online survey for the 3,000 and it cut off before it took my info, I tried to go back and finish and it wouldn’t let me saying I already did one for the month? ***…..

  12. Cindy says:

    I live close to a Walgreens and love the prices but get very fustrated regularly because sale items are not in stock. The employees are nice and try to be helpful but without the items I’m looking for being on the shelves I would rather go to CVS or try a different Walgreens further away.

  13. Frances Boldt says:

    Enjoy shopping at Walgreen’s. I don’t walk my legs off in a huge store, yet can find most anything I need. There are several in my city so when I am running errands and I need something I can find a Walgreen’s close by. Pharmacy service is pretty good too.
    I was disappointed today. Took the word of the cashier that my total was $20.07 Gave her a $20 plus 7 pennies. When I looked at my sales slip after I got home –saw the total was $18.47 –cash given $20.07, change $1.60 (didn’t get). Don’t know what happened –hope it was an ‘honest mistake’.

  14. Richard Carpenter says:

    I’am one of them old timer’s who been coming to your store so almost 40 years, and I am amazed everytime with the people who work there.Always there if you need help, with medications, are some from the asles of things, from personnal to foods, some is there to help me whenever I need someone.truth is The Phamcy’s is always on top of my meds, be it interactions, are myinsurances probloms they always take care of it, I never have a fuss with anyone ..But i got to say some poeple who shop there go ape’sbecause they done wrong w/ there meds and blame the workers that its there fault, not there, which it is, they try a day early are the insurance missed-up, Your workers stay calm, try to explain to them always kind to any shopper.And your worker just keep being cool w/ great honesty about who they are. A Walgreens worker.I have to hand your poeple a reward of humanity’s ever enduring calmess under fire of costumer lossing there respect to your poeple, and your people carry-on with there work. High five to everone who works there, thank you Walgreens……..Richard

  15. mike says:

    someone called shana (sha nay)? called me and left a message saying this is shana calling from the walgreens customer survey i need you to call the store back and thank you for being a great walgreens customer. but who do i call ? the # on my caller ID is not answered, it’s a 256 area code, did i win something ?, call back sha nay !

  16. lasara martinez says:

    La realidad no fue bueno el trato en la farmacia con los cajeros.

  17. Marilyn Joan Hadey says:

    Thank You for putting my email on Walgreen’s, I really,really, hope that I am playing this correctly. We could use as much as we can win. I would make sure I even donate to those people that have lost their house and clothes,furniture,(etc). I cannot wait and see what the 25th 29th will stand for me. I will just have to wait and see what those days are going to bring. Thank You marilynh89

  18. Mary Anne Mook says:

    OKAY, so I have my receipt that says to to www walgreensfeedback com to complete survey to enter the $3.000 monthly sweepstakes and as many things as I click on, I CANNOT bring up the survey. Why couldn’t it be simple, it says on the receipt what to go into but nooooo, it doesn’t take you there???????????? Couldn’t you make it simpler if you are offering the survey about my recent visit to Walgreeng????????????? I’m pissed off, will take my business to CVS, its even closer to home. Come on Walgreens, why make it so difficult for a customer to go into the survey listed on your receipt?

  19. Mary Ellen MayhaLL says:

    Walgreen s has always been very professional, friendly, courteous.

  20. BB Beal says:

    I stopped at the Walgreen’s on Plymouth & Evergreen in Detroit, MI. I just had dental surgery 15 minutes before, the Pharmacy Technician saw my problem, blooding, swollen jaw. She let me write out my info so I didn’t have to talk, took down my insurance, had it ready at the drive through (I sat in the truck so I wouldn’t scare people with the blood) in 20 minutes. She was great, pretty, professional, even while she was so busy on a Friday.

  21. glenda ceballos says:

    pues me gusta comprar porque en walgreen en cuentro la farmacia para las fotos y tambien produtos para el pelo, para la cosina,utiles para la escuela pues encuentro todo que necesito.