Do you have to pay Sweepstakes Taxes in the US?

About sweepstakes taxes and according to the US law, prize money won in any form should be reported along with your income to the tax authorities by the end of the year when you file your tax accounts without fail.

Taxes on Sweepstakes Winnings

Do You Pay Taxes on Sweepstakes Winnings?

It enables them to keep proper track of where and all the money goes, especially the prize money. The rules pertaining gambling are a little bit different. Casinos are to withhold taxes for prize money that is equivalent to 600 dollars and above. Pertaining rules and regulations are given in detail in the IRS forms. Tax expert’s guidance is mandatory while you are initially preparing your blueprint for the sweepstakes. The rules and regulations are to be scrutinized well before publication and any discrepancies are to be corrected instantaneously to avoid any litigation in the future.

Why do you have to pay Sweepstakes Taxes in the US? One of the important revenues for the government comes from the taxes paid for the sweepstakes by the sponsors. Since, it is similar to the lottery schemes the taxes levied are quite heavy though. Hence, the income amount is also quite substantial enough for the federal and state governments. It is hard to persuade them to evade these taxes that bring vital income to their treasury.

How much do you have to Pay Sweepstakes Taxes in the US? There is a common myth that there is no tax money that is to be paid for those sweepstakes that have prize money worth as 600 dollars or less. In fact, it is not true. There are taxes for each and every other sweepstakes. The proportionate calculations are too technical and would vary accordingly as well.

When do you have to pay Sweepstakes Taxes in the US? It would be deducted from your prize money automatically when you are the winner in some cases, and in some other cases the method varies though. Sweepstakes obligators will have to report the prizes to the IRS. The IRS instructions given along with the Form 1099, would clearly state the pertaining rules and regulations too. The winnings in the sweepstakes are to be reported mandatorily as other income. One of the members asked if we do you have to pay Sweepstakes Taxes in the US. It was really an important question that has to be answered in detail though. All the pertaining details should be known to all those participants in the sweepstakes mandatorily.

In our next article will be talking about the possibility of a lump sum payout.

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  113. Juanita Ealey says:

    Today I have submitted my ENTRIES to UNLOCK THE VAULT. I is a Honor to be selected in the Presidential Elite Status, I have tried to make my last comment as brief as I can and include the following at my desk today.; Gwy. 4749, $25,000 cash; Gwy. 4900 $250,000.
    Gwy. no.4749 $25,000.00 CASH.; Gwy. no. $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize Payments totaling $1,000,000.00; for $7,500.00 A WEEK for LIFE “FOREVER”;Gwy. no.4900 $3,000,000.00 Dream Home; Gwy. no. 4650 $37,000.00 for a Brand New Lincoln car valued over $37,000.00;Gwy. no 4900 Instant cash games entered $10,000,000.00.

    Thanks to all working to select a WINNER. I must also a great thank you to Juillete Tackello the Expert of reviewing our comments and moderation to finalize comments published..

  114. Juanita Ealey says:

    In response to my earlier email today regarding the Prize Patrols preparing to deliver a $5,000.00 A Week Nationwide Giveaway No.4900 following the GPS unit for all direction turns to my address of the residence. It referred to another opportunity for me as a Major Winner to receive $1,000.00 Gwy.No 5030, for the Atlanta area Local TV News and the “FOREVER” winner of Giveaway No. 3080 and Gwy. 3814, for the Local TV area of $1,000.00.

    At this time I confirm my CLAIM and ACTIVATION for the 2X entries if selected for the WINNER on Feb. 27th delivery of the award; if I am selected by the Publishers Clearing House Board of Judges and the delivery by the Clearing House Prize Patrols.


  115. Juanita Ealey says:

    Good afternoon!! HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!

    Today is the day of expressing love, and I wish all people with “Love and Faith” in God will be kind enough to share their love for others, even someone you hate and do not trust, show you respect and love. PRAYER can change all things of Love, Trust, Faith: If you believe you will win the sweepstakes, it is trust and love playing the games to receive WINNING Money in God return.

    I confirmed CLAIM Validation Code V-3080 PCH Giveaway on February 27th. It is my effort to win the LEGACY Prize and possbily all 10X entries,I entered as to my complete my activity to be selected the WINNER the PCH Sweepstakes.

    Thanks!!! PCH to Board of Judges and Contest Processors

  116. Juanita Ealey says:

    Today, I have faith the PCH Sweepstakes Staff organized many games to nest me with pleasant thoughts daily and my building satisfied memories. If I am selected the Winner of “Forever”, Weekly payments of $5,000.00, for life. I Claim the elements of happiness will be presented in my life. There will be no worries and concerns of the brain cancers returning, health, foreclosure, and outstanding bills with daily disadvantges.

    The pain of poverty will decease when the Ms. Lam’s and PCH Prize Patrols knock on my door June 27, 2019.

    Once again, Prayers and Personal Thanks to: Mr. Sloane, Ms. Holland, Mr. Collins and the PCH Customer Service&Ordering staff.

    Juanita Ealey

  117. Shirley says:

    If I win, I would pay out all my debit & pay for my daughter’s collage. Help my family out too. Thx

  118. medardo florez says:

    Ok so yes i will pay taxes on. Allmy wing prizes a 1099 would be fine

  119. medardo florez says:

    I would live to win and pay all my bills and by my dream home i have been rentign all my life put my three kids thrue College

  120. johnny bond says:

    I would pay all my bills off and give to the church and just retire and enjoy the rest of my life with my family. thanks

  121. mary says:

    I would like to win and help the community with a center that helps family’s like the one’s we had growing up it kept us grounded on many levels as young people we need something different besides home they can relate to

  122. Christopher reynolds says:

    I would take care of all my loved ones firstly. To feel right inside I would help a total stranger in some way and never tell anyone else about it.

  123. Tara Lyn Fray says:

    When I win this fabulous prize I’d fist pay off our family lake property then I’d buy a home with a cottage on the property for my mother. Then I’d create a foundation for less for less fortunate older people that don’t have anyone else to help them or are unable to help them. Thank you PCH for this wonderful opportunity God Bless You

  124. William Tucker says:

    Would very much like to win I could use this prize

  125. Doyle Brush says:

    I’ll first pay my Tieds then dept

  126. sharon white says:

    The first thing I will buy if I won on Nov.25th is a new roof fix my walls and floors that’s damage from rain.

  127. John Pelegrino says:

    Sorry Yes I would also pay our TAXES for for this year, and all of what we owe to clear up all of the bills we owe. Thank you if we win.

  128. John Pelegrino says:

    Well I would thank PCH first, than I would call American Airlines and take my wife, to ITALY and travel all over ITALY give, her the best time of her life, and buy her all of the clothes and shoes she would like to have. It would be a wonderful time in both of our lives.

  129. Fergie Furg's says:

    I don’t know for sure but do know I would start to live! Life to it’s fullest! And be humble for that! Amen

  130. Myrna Murphy says:

    Good morning,, if I won I would pay my home off cause I’m a single mom taking care of my mentally challenged daughter. With her mental breakdowns I am behind on my mortgage. I would use the money to help myself also to help organizations out for more research on mental illnesses,, a lot of people look at mental illnesses as they are called CRAZY their not,,,its a challenge for them everyday of their lives thank you.

  131. frederick cortez says:

    pay all my bill, help my family.take my wife on a honeymoon,that we neve had,cause im always working.

  132. Sharon Wright says:

    If I was to winit would be a blessing for me and my girls. I’d pay off my debts and fix my credit. Then we can get back on our feet and be able to live a better life in a new home. I’d help the people that need the help and some societies. Then still have the comfort of knowing we can live comfortable and be happier. Thanks for this chance of a better life for me and my kids…….

  133. Sharon Wright says:

    It would be great, if I won the 10,000.00 dollars a week for life, I would fix all my debts. Then Id pay off my van. Buy a house with some land. Then Id buy new house hold stuff that I’d need. Then save money to go on a trip and save money for repairs on the home and for my kids and go for for my CRMA & my CDL. Then I would help the cancer society, MD society,and others cause I had and have family & friends that died and that have these conditions. So I hope I can win, its all great causes that it would be a great help… Thank You

  134. Debby Hansen Kurle says:

    I would love to win to pay off all debt, do many needed home improvements and bthen assist with expenses for the underprivileged and the handicapped or severly ill.

  135. William Roberts Jr. says:

    Pch, How would I touch your heart? to answer my prayers, and help me out of this debt? I can’t afford to pay any debt consolidation loans, but, if I win this Millionaire making superprize giveaway, I would quickly pay all of my debtors immediately, so that my credit score could go back up. Pch Please knock on my door with my Millionaire making superprize. Thank you for Listening

  136. Joyce says:

    Money would be used to pay an enormous hospital bill and medications for my husband whom has multiple myeloma. Also would make a contribution to research for a cure.

  137. Joyce says:

    Money would be used to pay an enormous hospital bill and medications for my husband whom has multiple myeloma. Also would make a contribution to thru research for a cure.

  138. Amanda says:

    I do what the Lord wanted me to I pay all my bills and be out of debt a dream come true

  139. Charlotte Riely says:

    I am 85 years of age, worked until 79 years of age, I would firstly pay off debts. My husband has Stage IV Heart Disease and Stage IV Kidney Disease along with many “health issues”. My car was purchased new in 1989, therefore, I could use a new car for transportation to Medical Offices and Hospital visits and confinements to assist my husband.

    Charlotte Riely

  140. Mike linde says:

    Show me the money ” then I pay off
    All my debt ! And start living a new
    Life dreams sometimes do come true.

  141. Amarilys says:

    The first I pay my credit card and my son daughter the sweet sixteen that’s enough for my

  142. James says:

    I would help out my family first then help out some people and make sure my daughters would be taken care of because they are my life and without them I would not be here to share this with anyone.

  143. chantale jean baptiste says:

    If I win I will be very happy pay off my credit card and do some donation take care to myself and my family

  144. Martha says:

    Give my church 10% of my winnings and then establish a foundation to sponsor missionary work all over the world. Give to various churches. Then I would purchase a home and prOvide for my family.

  145. Amy S. says:

    I would pay off all my debts med. mortgage, etc. I would help all my siblings and make sure the grand kids are set up with a college fund. I would like to help all the care supporters in my area for food banks and disaster. I have always wanted to be able to do this and what a blessing it would be to deliver my dreams to all these lovely people.

  146. Nicole with harris says:

    First I would give to my church because the Lord is the only one who gives and send blessings. Then I would definitely pay off all of my debts. I would buy my a nice car and a nice home.. I would take care of my family and help friends if they need a blessing. ..I would continue to bless others because when I bless other people the Lord blesses even more

  147. penny louise heard says:

    I believe my chance of winning is as good as anyone else. The money would go to my church my large family that grew up poor. My husband needs a new vehicle his barely gets him places. My son needs a new vehicle. My brother has a heart condition and continues to work hopefully I can help all my nine siblings and be thankful to the good Lord, Publishers Clearing house. If I do not win be thankful I had the opportunity to give it a good try.

  148. Barbara N. Kelly says:

    I would have the taxes, taken out in one lump sum.Then I. Wouldn’t. Have to worry. About it.

  149. Barbara N. Kelly says:

    I would pay off all debts, college. For the oldest Grandgirl and save for the youngest,, when she’s. Ready for college, plus I’m. They’re. Grandma and have custody. Of both. I’m. Retired since 2003. And disabled. So I’d. Move to warm place.

  150. Elaine Smith says:

    I have been poor all my life I am the victim of surgery gone wrong and can no longer work…my husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran we live totally on Soc. SEC. disability…if I was to win..and that’s highly doubtful…if would pay off my house…pay off our cars..and all of our debts.. I would buy some new furniture.. becuz this is all garage sale specials over 30 yrs. Old……I would…invest some of the winnings get insurance..make repairs…and set up trust funds for all my kids and I’m in the 2nd part of my life my husband and I have sacrlficed all our lives we always put our kids first. .I think I would enjoy life with my husband a little…. do a few things we have always wanted to do but never could because of money and obligations…kids and bills have to come first.. yes I would have fun with it and I would help out our church who married our daughter…and I would make sure everybody especially our grand children had a nice Xmas we have never had any xtra money to do anything nice for anybody…it would be a gift from heaven to finally be able to buy our kids and grand kids some things they really need. And to get us things we desperately need. GOD bless.

  151. linda banks says:

    i would pay of my debt and buy a new home and a car help
    my family and my church.

  152. linda banks says:

    i would pay all my debt and buy a new home and gave to
    my family, and help my church.

  153. Janice Dodson says:


  154. Janice Dodson says:

    My Credit card pay off and then may be a House
    Car I would need a Chauffeur!

  155. Sarah Akers Trial says:

    I would pay off my debts, my sister’s, and my brothers and hopefully after I pay taxes, be able to take care of them the rest of my life. Then the Angels would leave me feeling like I took care of them.

  156. Deborah Moussa says:

    You have noooo idea how this could change are lives.please understand I need a chance to live again!!!

  157. Bruce Hoekstra says:

    Communication is great, let’s us know where we are, hopefully in
    Tune enough to win, if not, keep up A positive atiitude, that’s easy enough, some day one will win, doesn’t have to be money, good
    Health, stay young, not old like me, but I’m still going, life I wonderful, married 64 years, no,problems, disdain my time in Korea, got ot of there alive 60 years ago, very fortunate, hope every one is doing well. Winning isn’t every thing, thanks a lot .

    Bruce Hoekstra

  158. sandra says:

    I would love to win.I have to major project that I would love to remodel my home and fix up my home church.It’ s a historical church.

  159. Linda Fike says:

    If I win this,it would be a life saver for my family and myself.i would pay off all debts and finally be able to breath every month,with no bills.

  160. Margie Valentino says:

    I am still keeping the Faith that I might be lucky enough to win something as great and life changing as this is. To give my family
    A better life and show them the gift of TRUELY giving would be
    The Best Thing In My Life, that could happen to me !!!! Good luck
    Everyone !

  161. Leslieann Holmes says:

    I prefer It To Be Mailed To Me In One Hole Lump Sum Between One – Two Days!I Need It To Have Everything Said, Finalized, Done And Said For Without Having To Deal With A Single Thing A Single Thing, Without Having To Have Any Trouble With Anything At All, Even Have The All Taxes Dealt With Before Hand I Receive It So I Dont Get Confused! I Also Need It To Be Ready To Use As Soon As I Recieve It And It’s In My Hand!
    I Am A Single Mature Women Turning 20 Years Olds In 3 1/2 Weeks On August 23 ! I Love My Young Brother And My Fmily Very Much Also I Very InVolved In My Families Lifes ! My Nan And Pap Basically Raised My Brother And I Along Side My Great Grandparnts, My Uncle Jessie (bio Mothers Brother), My Aunt Amiee ( Bio Mothers Sister) And My Uncle Jerry (My Aunt Ammiee’s Husband)!
    In Addition I Will Be Using It As Soon As I Receive It To Pay For All Of My Great GrandFathers Funineral And HeadStone Since Coasts! Also He Is On His Death Bed! The Doctors Say He Only Has This Week Left! Before He Passes Away, I Want to Drop Everything In 2 Days, Take Six Hour Move From To My Current Home At 2616 Parent Ave Windsor Ontario, Were I Lived At A Little Under Three Years! Also Can’t Stand, Am Moving Back To My Hometown To Live To Be With My Family, My Younger Brother And My Real Friends ! Also Take Absoultely All Of The Money Strain Off Of My Family That It Will Coast For The Feunaral And Grave Stone For My Great Grandfather !
    The Next Thing I Am Doing Is Relieving My Nan And Pap Of Never Having To Live In Apartment Ever Again And Giving Them They’re Forever Home That They Will Love And Never Have To Pay A Single Penny For !
    At The Same I Will Be Purchaseing My First And Forever Home With The Guidents Of My Nan, Aunt Amiee, My Cousin Ashlee Who Only 2 Weeks Younger Then Me!
    Thirdy I Will Be Opening Up A College Trust Fund For Brother Brandon That He Can Use Any Time With Any College Of His Choice!
    Also I Will Give Him A Certian Amount Of Money He Can Use On What Ever He Wants, Also I Am Going To Give Him A Choice Of Keep Living With Nan Or Me But I Won’t Tell Him He Can Choose For Himself He Already Knows He Has That Choice!
    Fourthly, I Am Going To Give My Uncle Some So He Can Get His Life Started!
    After That I Am Going To Take The Hole Family On Our First Real Vaccation Were We Will Be Going All Together!
    Finally, I Am Not Giving My Cats Up And Just Because I Need To Go Back Home And I Will Not Be Turning Back ! Gosh I Can Even Get The Dog I Have Always Wanted !
    All In The Time I Need a It To Be In

  162. Kathy Spence says:

    Winning This sweepstakes would be the greatest Blessing in my life besides coming to the Lord. I have had a difficult time since my ex left me for the younger version! I would like to get back on my feet and be able to live a better life in this world and help others who need help! Thank You for the chance to win!

  163. Cassandra says:

    I would give to the cancer society because my mother & cousin died from some sort of cancer so I would like to have a plaque in her honor. Thanks good luck everyone

  164. Scott T. Hoxie says:

    Yes you have to pay taxes in penna.

  165. Scott T. Hoxie says:

    Its going to a good family cause I’m disabled,I’ll use the money wisely.

  166. Scott T. Hoxie says:

    It would be very nice to have of this money. It will be going to a good family. Mine.I expecting my second grandchild. So we,ll use itwell. Thank You

  167. DAVID BRASWELL says:

    why I have to pay tax on winnings and what is lost in playing a lottery or any other entry that has cost to it cant be taken off of tax as loses…

  168. Tina Thomas says:

    I would have it taken all in one lump sum and have it done then no worries no more !

  169. James M Harris says:

    Don’t worry it’s all mine