Winning From PCH Sweepstakes Could Pay Your Bills And Even More!

(PCH Sweepstakes – Gwy #11000 $1,000.00 a Week for Life or PCH Lotto Superprize – PCH Win It All $1Million Dollars Cash Lump Sum Payout – Plus a Brand New Luxury Car – Ford Explorer 2018), PCH $2.6 Million Plus $5000 a Week for Life. Have you ever thought about what Publisher’s Clearing House could do for you if you won their sweepstakes? Here you can get a good idea of what a lot of money could do for you in life. Once you know more it will be clear why working with PCH is such a great idea. You could pay off your home or just save money back that you won that can pay your rent the rest of your life. Could you imagine never having to hustle to get money near the end of the money for rent ever again? The anxiety surrounding your bills can be lessened or vanquished if you with the sweepstakes that pay out a lot of money. It’s something that anyone in the current economy would be very lucky to have since it’s hard to get by even if you work hard these days. What Would You Do If You Won?

PCH Sweepstakes Winners

What Would You Pay First? If You Become a Winner…

Invest into things with a financial advisor like stocks or startup companies and you could end up making that investment worth far more. When you learn how to do this right with your winnings, you could potentially live off of them alone for the rest of your life. Not to mention, if you get a large cash prize, you can put that into a retirement fund so that when you get older you never have to worry about working again. You could just spend your days working on what you enjoy instead of for someone that is rich and treats you poorly.

Pay Debts

Winning PCH Sweepstakes – Pay Debts

How nice would it be to be able to shop anytime you needed something without worrying about going broke? If you need clothing, for instance, if you have a lot of cash that you don’t have allocated to bills or investments you can take yourself out to get what you need on a regular basis. As long as you make sure that some of your winnings are invested into things that are making you money, you can pretty much buy anything you need or want on a regular basis.

When you work with PCH Sweepstakes you are going to find that there are many prize opportunities that could change your life forever. Don’t let this chance go to waste. Give it a shot whenever you can and you’ll be far more likely to become very wealthy than if you were to ignore it. What Would You Do If You Won?


How are Publishers Clearing House winners notified?

Publishers Clearing House notifies their big winners either by mail or by having the PCH Prize Patrol show up at the winner's doorstep. PCH does not notify big winners by telephone, email, or bulk mail. ... You may be notified instantly if you win a gift card from PCH Search and Win, for example.

Does anyone actually win PCH?

People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. ... But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.

Who won Publishers Clearing House 00 a week for life?

Publishers Clearing House Winners: Ricky Williams From Prestonsburg, KY Wins ,000 a Week for Life.

Who won Publishers Clearing House 2019?

Meet the Newest Million PCH SuperPrize Winner: George Snyder! Danielle November 6, 2019 November 4, 2019 Categories PCH Prize Winners66 Comments. October 25th was the day so many PCH fans had been waiting for.

Do people actually win PCH?

People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. ... But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.

How does PCH pick a winner?

There are two methods we use: Matching Winning Number - Winning SuperPrize numbers are selected at random. Publishers Clearing House does not know the winning number until giveaway end. Throughout the life of the sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House assigns SuperPrize numbers to outgoing Bulletins.

How do you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?

Entering the PCH sweepstakes is very simple. For online sweepstakes entry, go to our PCH homepage at and click on the giant, green “begin” button. Just enter your information and retrieve your Super pass.

Who won the PCH sweepstakes 2019?

Meet the Newest Million PCH SuperPrize Winner: George Snyder! Danielle November 6, 2019 November 4, 2019 Categories PCH Prize Winners66 Comments. October 25th was the day so many PCH fans had been waiting for.

Who won Publishers Clearing House 00 a week for life?

Publishers Clearing House Winners: Ricky Williams From Prestonsburg, KY Wins ,000 a Week for Life.

Is PCH sweepstakes legit?

People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. ... But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.

129 Responses to “Winning From PCH Sweepstakes Could Pay Your Bills And Even More!”

  1. Angela K Graham says:

    I would love to accept the win it all prize or the 2nd chance drawing on 6/29/2018!

  2. Braulio Bernal says:

    I want to start all over with a big win from PCH.

  3. Charles R Sanchez says:

    All I want is to help my family survive pay the couple of bills from my Anuisium & donate to Petra Church. These people have been so good for me that I have been thinking about my obligations to others who have helped me through this ordeal. So many of my friends have been there and to forget them to me would be a sin. Thank the lord for your forgiveness & genuine love.

  4. Diana Smith says:

    Well, I want to pay All my bills as follows:
    1. Mortgage
    2. Gas bill
    3. Utility bill
    4. Electric bill
    5. Credit card bill
    6. Life Ins.
    7. I’m thinking, I thinking!! AND the hospital bill…my liver needs taking care of!!

  5. Emily Gee says:

    Pch please payment transfer millionaire money to Emily Gee 8800/6900/8035 to day Emily gee claim’s prize Winner of super prize. Next I claim pch actvations claim

  6. Fred Haut says:

    PCH 75000 dollars would pay off my bills and I wish you would throw in a car for me this money will stop my disability and I pay 5000 a month in medication so yes I would spend it all up I wouldn’t use it all on a house to call my own

  7. DeAnna Ward says:

    Claiming GWY. No.11000 From PCH.

  8. Robert Maybin says:

    Robert Maybin did I win super 8800 clam my prize Sulphur Ok pch clam my prize

  9. Mario Echeverria says:

    Thanks dear friends for this one post. Please, continue activation in my PCHGWY No.8800 lifetime prize $.2.6 million plus more.thanks for help and support. ME

  10. Gerald J Santo says:

    Hi PCH people,I Gerald Santo would like to submit my entry for the #8800 sweeps. I have been working very hard to complete this mission.I know that I will someday (when) be my day. My wife birthday is on Dec. 24,and Ihope we can get her a big surprize. Thank You GJS

  11. penny brown says:

    I would buy a car so I could be independent. I would buy much needed things, also be able to make money by driving others.

  12. Lee says:

    Thanks for the offer.

  13. Lee says:

    Having fun in the retirement years

  14. Lee says:

    Just being joyful in my retirement years.

  15. Debra. says:

    I want to claim the prize for December22,2017 for the turn back time entry for December $2.6 million dollars plus $5,000 a week for life from pch prize patrol giveaway please enter me, I can not find the prize number for December entry but I want to enter,please enter me in the early drawing, I need to win not only myself but the whole family, we are all in need and we all live together just trying to make it,please help us thank you Debra jammiedaisy

  16. Fred Haut says:

    PCH pay my bills and even more I like that because the first bill that I will have that needs to be paid is the mortgage on a one-level house for me and new furniture throughout that is what my first bill would be after you contact me

  17. cynthia tillery says:

    I am in full compliance I cynthia tillery claim my entries to win superprize 8800 $1000 a day 4life bring it to me me cause I’ve been it to win it

  18. cynthia tillery says:

    I am in full compliance I cynthia tillery claim my entries to win superprize 8800 $1000 a day 4life

  19. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello PCH l’m searching to claim 2X entry to be the winner for this $25,000.00 cash prize award. Thanks PCH

  20. Gladys Okpaleke says:

    Hello PCH l’m searching to claim the ownership of a fully valid number
    2x entry to be the winner for $25,000.00 cash prize PCH Gwy no 8186 . Thanks PCH

  21. Kay Arai says:

    Please deposit my prize number on to the winner selection list for $15,000,000.00 prize summer event!

  22. Kay Arai says:

    Please deposit my prize number onto Winner Selection List for $15,000,000.00 Summer Event on August 31st! I really want to win! Thank you.

  23. Francine Brown says:

    Pay off a couple loans, Do needed repairs and updates on my home.

  24. Joseph Hartsfield says:

    I would pay my bill s for sure
    . And yes I do have a couple investment I would invest in . MY business and a few other one I would like to own.

  25. Hanna Szymanska says:

    I pay mortgage and credit cards

  26. Andres Guerra-Mondragon says:

    People in other countries can not imagine that there are these fabulous prizes available to persons like them many times a year.Foe me its amazing that I could be a winner too. It fills me with emotion and joy just to think its posible. I do not know what to say or what I would do first with all that money.I would definitly help the least fortunate,my family,my church and surely other thing will demand my attention too.I pray God it will happen.Thank you PCH for existing.

  27. cynthia tillery says:

    Yes I’m in it to win it pch prize #8186 $100,000

  28. Heather D says:

    Prize Patrol, please come to my house!!!
    I have been waiting 20+ some years!!

  29. Heather D says:

    OMG, I have been poor since i was a kid. I want my 2 children to know a life without want or not having enough ever. My grandmother sweep-staked for years, hoping to win enough to take care of us all, that is where i get it from. I am the most selfless person ever!! Always thinking of others and not myself. I just have a gut feeling PCH is the way to go and someday we wont have to worry :]

  30. Phillip Harris says:

    Pay mortgage, daughters grad school and step-mom’s travel to the west coast.

  31. Bobbi Guilford says:

    Pch I want to buy a home I live in a seller an I have lupis the kind that kills u I would like to have a home

  32. cynthia tillery says:

    I would like to say yes two Publishers Clearing House number I want to win it all and to prize number 81-86

  33. Luis A Martínez says:

    K devo aser

  34. Luis A Martínez says:


  35. Doug Kiely says:

    I would pay my bills, if I had the financial means to do so. i am on a fixed income. In which I could only afford rent, utilities, and food on the table. All of these expenses are important, but with the cost off living out here keeps on rising out here. My family could be out on the street and we are in our 60’s. We have been down this road to many times.

  36. Debra Patterson says:

    Hello PCH and Prize Patrol, I Want to place my Three Entries for Gwy Nos.6900 and 8800. TVArea $100.00 Gwy 6650,and $1,000.00 Gwy 9030, Ford F150 Gwy8186, Mustang Gwy 8186, $10,000.00 Gwy 8187, and $10,000.00,Gwy 9210. Thank you, DP in Tx

  37. Ms, Janice Chase says:

    I Janice Chase claim. PCH win form no.143502 sw, PCH 382 101 NY 11050,gwy#1170, w14, wsl -0630,w60, pc382,pc502,Id no.4857-62.any and all scratched ticket lotto,and sweepstakes, trucks,Cars,sweepstakes, giveaway house sweepstakes, yes it is I Janice Chase ur imminent winner here of Bushnell Florida knock knock PCH hurry up with my cash… God’s blessings to you. Its a millionaire making yayyyyyyyy I’m in it to win it all . A dream come true …a blessing of all time …

  38. Audrey Johnson says:

    I am 80 and living in a nursing home. I would see that I have enough put away to get me through the rest of
    my life, pay what is left of my funeral costs. Then take care of my children and grandchildren’s futures. After that I would give to charity. The food program and the homeless vets. I would like to buy some tiny houses for them. That is my dream.
    Thank you for at least giving me a chance.

  39. tami coffman-walker says:

    I really need to win !! I would pay off my student loans, medical bills, help with my sister whom is on hospics, to make her life comfortable. and pay house hold bills

  40. Charlene Brown says:

    I love to win7,000,00 A WEEK FOR LIFE Gwy.8800 andGwy, 8802

  41. ESTHER R says:


  42. Ron Hubbard says:

    if only i could win just once

  43. Sandi Randall says:

    It appears every link to this gwy 8186 Lincoln MKZ is closed. I have pulled up every referenced link and this is as close as I can get to an entry.

  44. Shirley Harper says:

    The bills I would pay off first is my house mortgage n my loan notes

  45. Fred Haut says:

    PCH by now you know what I want I look forward to seeing you and hearing you have my front door till then take care

  46. Mary Phillips says:

    This is my chance to win some real cash by entering my entry to win send the $75,000.00 or $10,000.00 To Pay Bills! I Mary Phillips are “IN IT TO WIN IT”! NOW!! #PCH #FORWVER! $7,000.00 A Week For Life! SET FOR LIFE! #KNOCK knock

  47. Giselle Santana says:

    i would buy me a house and then help poor kids and animals a must i would have a house just for animals i feel if i was to get bless with so much money why not help others and poor animals that cant do nothing for there slefs

  48. Janya Seagren says:

    IF I WAS FORTUNATE TO WIN $100,000.00 ” i would buy a home in a good neighbor hood . I would get a decent vehicle, that would be good on gas. i would make sure all the kids had new cloths and the house had all new ” every thing ‘I would put each of the kids a good amount for collage. and take my family on my first and only vacation ever.

  49. Jo Preston says:

    I feel so blessed, and want to win GWY 8186 or any PCH prize. I would thank God profusely for all His blessings, pay off bills, give some to my kids, buy a car for my husband and take him out to a lovely dinner. I would be forever grateful!!

  50. Janet Franklin says:

    Paid off my car note buy a house it would be my first time to buy a home. Then help my sister who have disabled child ( well he grown man but he mind a small child)

  51. Fred Haut says:

    PCH I would love to win so I can get my bills paid and have something more than just being able to exist nothing more nothing less just exist

  52. Joyce Griffin says:

    i wouldby myself a house pay all the bills off buy two new cars or me an my husband then buy my kids there own houses then open a homeless shelter

  53. Andrea Vasquez says:

    I will pay all my bills and my kids debts and loans.

  54. Shelby says:

    I already posted that I would get the first check to interfaith community services Sonora California because they helped us survive when I had to change my name because of domestic violence and stocking but I changed my name my Social Security And my drivers license number and a bad time I got my new name but not my new Sosa security number and with out a Social Security number you can’t get work you can’t get food or money for shelter so my daughter and I lived in a tent for five months while this is all taking place interfaith community services gave us food craving showers haircuts and much better this is why I get the first check without them we would have never made it because you can’t get food stamps or any other help when you have no Social Security number I had one but I got my new name first and I didn’t get my also security number so we had to wait for the change and that took eight months

  55. Frederick Burton says:

    hello and I’m grateful and thankful for the opportunity for all of this great thing to come to pass yesterday truly great to really win but the opportunity presents itself as just being concluded in something instigator opportunity the finally be recognized for something l Patrol come to my house and said I really want I’ll break down on my knees and really cry and then true it will happen for me never, really loved to just pay all my bills off and go back to school and have a decent house for myself thank you for everything God bless

  56. Mary Phillips says:

    PCHFRONTPAGE PCH VIP: I,Mary Phillips are here to let PCH KNOW Should I win $5,000.00 A Week”Forever” on 2/24th/2017! I Mary Phillips should I be selected a winner, I would spend the money to Pay my Bills and Renovate my home, help others! I am “in it to win it” Yes! I want to win! # KNOCK KNOCK

  57. Fred Haut says:

    PCH I need to Enterprise to cover my bills plus a whole lot more please direct me to obtain my goal

  58. Fred Haut says:

    PCH I am hoping that when I win that I will pay my bills and more I am playing to win I want to win PCH make me a life-changing winner

  59. Fred Haut says:

    PCH I would love the same things that you or anybody else would love to have so I am working to play and playing so this will work to bring home a forever prize

  60. Fred Haut says:

    Pay my bills and more oh boy where do I start I have a mountain of bills and I’ve is a tragedy I need help and not from government Aid I need a good old-fashioned green the help The wallet packing folding kind I hope to see you soon

  61. Fred Haut says:

    PCH pay my bills and more any one of your superprize prices would be awesome as long as they include a new vehicle or a life-changing event I am just being picky I am in that kind of a mood anyhow you guys have a wonderful Sunday and I hope to see you here soon maybe with $10,000 a week for life hint hint

  62. Denise says:

    I would be the most true for life faithfully follower pch iv been trying to Win for ever I have the #6900 I don’t no how to activate i have a golden ticket i want to activate my winning number 6900.I would get my children there own cell phone. I try being on my phone and play my pch.publishing house .and my son all ways wants my phone.. I can never finish entries to win… but I will pay my bill get on my feet. pay every thing and something yrs month in advance. I have big plans if when I get pch.. to hand over mines if any one needed money it is my self and my seven yes I have7 children . We poor and im all way strugling i would buy a house invest buy land cars finish my house donate some open a BUSINESS I don’t want to pass my turn up any more it’s mi

    I keep getting emails saying I am the winner and I open them and it’s allways some thing eals..Good LUCK TO ALL AMD GOD BLESS

  63. Fred Haut says:

    Publishers Clearing House in this entry pay your bills I would like to add the word off if I may pay your bills off how would like to make this one of my many life changing events and what I am looking for I hope to see you soon

  64. Fred Haut says:

    PCH pay my bills please pay my bill I could sure use some help not from city or state already applied they give enough to live your life at bare minimum help me to be more in life than what I am more active more money

  65. Fred Haut says:

    PCH would you pay off my bills and leave me a little extra I need $30,000 I’ll be done making house payments this is one day I would love to have taken care of and I need a car please help me make a dream come true

  66. Fred Haut says:

    How if I want to take 50000 pay off my house probably 20000 or the work needs to be done and then maybe I can buy a car I think that’s about what I would do if I won $100,000 prize PCH could you help make this dream come true

  67. Janice Dicus says:

    I would pay off bills, by a big grocery bags of needs, then I would try to by me a home for me and Scruffles. One with big fenced in back yard. Then I would prepare food for the needy. Then at age soon to be 77yrs old, I would and could stop worrying. MAY GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU FOR PCH.

  68. carolyn straughter says:

    I would pay off debt I will also buy me a car to move around and go get my high school diploma I would buy a home for me and my mother to live in I will open up a animal shelter cuz I love animals to take care of them and I would donate some of the money to a charity

  69. Travis wharton says:

    I’m in it to win it if I one I’m going to open up a spa and caught Blue;Bear’s body shop of hair. I will be given back to the community can’t wait come knock on my door the minute to Win it PCH you’re amazing and thank you for all the opportunities. I’m ready to win it 6900 come knock at my door

  70. Sheryl Robertson says:

    I would share with my kids pay off all my bills help we’re there needs help like at there school help some were in the world with the cancer awareness

  71. sheryl says:

    i would pay off my bills i would donate to my kids school then i would live with my kids like everyday was saturday no stress just good health wealth that would be the dream come true

  72. Fred Haut says:

    PCH do you know how long it has been since I have smiled even here on this Christmas Eve I haven’t got it in my heart anymore too many stressors too many worries where’s my next dollars coming from how am I going to pay my bills Social Security does not pay very much PCH make me happy again as only you can do

  73. Richard w carmona says:

    I need to win to pay off Bill’s I am a navy veteran served in Vietnam war from 67 thru 71.the winning well go to help them get some groceries and they need to help

  74. Stephen Salchenberg says:

    I would definitely like to pay off my bills as well as my family’s and help the people who have been there to help me send my children and grandchildren my, girlfriend’s grandchildren to college then I would like to spend a little bit on my self.yes I would love to win.p lease and Thank You.

  75. Alma Sullivan says:

    You ask what would I do with the money if and when I won for Dec.2016 I would make sure I gave befor I used it is give to our veterns wounded and just strugling. Then or maybe would switch them around I would give a big sum to St. Judes for the cancer childern. then I would put money in a trust for my grandkids and great grandkids. then set up a trust for our childern, give to some people that has been so helpful to us throught the years.and then I would spend some on us. ALMA SULLIVAN OCT.18. 2016 ON WED. TIME 9:18 AM

  76. Alma Sullivan says:

    You ask what would I do with the money if and when I won for Dec.2016 I would make sure I gave befor I used it is give to our veterns wounded and just strugling. Then or maybe would switch them around I would give a big sum to St. Judes for the cancer childern. then I would put money in a trust for my grandkids and great grandkids. then set up a trust for our childern, give to some people that has been so helpful to us throught the years.and then I would spend some on us. But I want to make sure that there is always money to fall back on with out going through a rough time . I would have a saving account so if I really needed some for a special reason then I could get to it. But first and most I would hire me a good Lawyer and change my savings account to another bank not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket. I truely want to win. I have been doing this for quit sometime now. But I know I have to trust in the Lord and hope that you pick my winners ticket thank you


  77. Lillian Hampton says:

    I will pay off all my bills

  78. Teresa Johnson says:

    Win pch sweepstake giveaway pay your bills for Life with ease.

  79. Sandra Armstrong says:

    P.C.H. I started playing pch back when it first came out i may of been to young to play then but it was a grown up game and back then it was so much fun,then i got marred and played again now it’s backs and (I AM IN IT TO WIN IT BIG TIME)PCH70.000.00 A WEEK WITH PCH#6900.FOR LIFE. THANK YOU (SANDRA ARMSTRONG)

  80. Jeanie Elliott says:

    I would pay off my car and all the other bill that I owe credit cards get me a new place to live which I am now living with my daughter & family..HELP!!!!!

  81. Gail Timm says:

    I would pay off all bills with the $7,000.00 a week for life. Get a new car or repair my old Plymouth Voyager. Help my daughter out with medical bills and the money I owe her. Give to my church of my tithe, donate to my favorite charity. Move out of Ca. to some where better. Then enjoy the rest of my retirement and not have to work. That’s what I would do with the earnings from PCH.

  82. Julie Kudron says:

    I would pay off my bills and then give my children money to buy houses.

  83. Marcos Contreras says:

    Hello PCH.. first I would catch up on my child support payment.. I am behind 20 grand, then I will invest in my future company in the Roofing industry, and help my family thought the money problems.. thank you for the opportunity to post what would I do I would win..

  84. Janet Franklin says:

    Pay my car note then catch up the cell phone. Pay my family that I owe them

  85. Kathy says:


  86. michael lane says:

    pch gwy 6900 pay off my bills all my biis would be gone

  87. Deyvi says:

    Pay my tax with irs firts and my bills pawer gas all

  88. michael lane says:

    pay off my bills gwy 6900

  89. Jeannemarie Tran says:

    I would provide a certified mental health psychologist for as many schools as possible, whose sole job would be to provide counseling from K-12 for special education children, at least the emotionally and mentally challenged(yes, these abused and neglected children can think about their abuse at least as well as German Shepherds. In as much these dogs would jump clear across a room to protect a member of its family from a stranger and sense fear from the parent in charge, they would not hesitate to be by the their owner’s side growling fearlessly. They also learn fear from their owners from abuse and neglect, withdrawing and cowering from their ruthless masters. Yes, I would have a school psychologist for every school, at least one, not to replace the counselor but to relieve the counselor to be able to handle the paperwork so that the psychologist could provide the intensive therapy that the really troubled children need to make real progress.

  90. Sandra McIntyre says:

    I want to win the $1,000,000.00 to pay my back bills. And give my children some of the money and me a shopping spree. Thank You Sandra McIntyre

  91. Elizabeth Boney says:

    Yes I would like $1,000,000.00 to pay my bills. Thank You PCH.

  92. Charles Campbell says:

    I want win 1,000,000.00 .

  93. Cully Gregory says:

    WIN IT ALL. PCH My initials are CG

  94. Juanita Mabry says:

    Well PCH
    1.) Drop to My Knees Praising GOD ALMIGHTY!
    2.) Pay off all my debits
    3.) I would purchase myself a small condo(I would become a first time home owner.)
    4.) Be able to send my two daughter’s to College! (being a single parent is not an easy task! But by “The Grace Of GOD” I made it!
    5.) Give my family some of my Winnings.
    6.) Become My Own Boss-Start up My Own Business
    7.) Finally Enjoy Life With My Family!

  95. Juanita Mabry says:

    I first drop to my knees” Thanking God Almighty”
    pay off all my debits. By myself little condo(I would be a first time home owner). Share my Blessing Win Fall with my family. Start up my own business!

  96. Lucy Bernier says:

    What would I do 1st.Pay this loan that’s been hanging over me like a wet rag…Yeah. Pay a Doctors bill off,get my teeth cleaned,fix my 16 yr old truck and give it to my son,help my family out.Then Phew retire from being a substitute teacher…. :)

  97. Shannon says:

    If I were to win I would buy my family a safe adequate home,pay off all bills,give to charity because I know what it’s like to struggle and be without and having 4 kids isn’t easy,and I would pay for my criminal justice courses I’ve been wanting to take so I can help make this world a better place! I’m in it to win it and praying that miracle! Thank you PCH!!

  98. Steven A.Jennings says:

    I WANT TO WIN IT ALL. PCH 6900 & PCH 6085! First I would go to H & R block and pay the taxes! Than pay ALL my DEBT OFF. Than draw interest and enjoy life. I would NOT change my life, I am very happy how I live my life and I love my wife MORE than life. Would spoil her. Thank you for the opportunity of a life time. Went in the Army at 16 and retired with Disabilities from Iraci Freedom 3. So really never had much money but we have been happy. SFC.Steven A.Jennings, USA Retired Disabled Veteran

  99. michael lane says:

    i would pay off all my bills buy a house for me and my daughter help my family out wih their bill and people that need help from the flood in west virgina and finlly be able to have a real vacation

  100. Adelene Abercia says:

    Iam hopeing this time I will be on of the winners. I have thought out what to do with the money if I should win. Just the thought makes me neverous, happy of thought of being a winner of that much money. This would make many people happy. Here is hoping, thanks again PCH., for you generosity. Hope you make my dreams and wishes come true. Waiting for that knock on the door.

  101. willie bean says:

    I would pay off my house,and then i would pay all the rest,like my car.And then i would help my kids,and grand kids out.

  102. Axucillia says:

    Thank you for my birthday I wish to win on my birthday

  103. Adelene Abercia says:

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