PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons

PCH Prize Patrol Today – Publishers Clearing House (PCH.com) are a multi-channel straightforward dealer of value-based produce, magazines and promotional offers and a foremost earner of digital “play and win” performances. PCH has come to be recognized as the sweeps corporation whose renowned Prize Patrol wonders earsplitting champions on their entrances with king-size checks in quantities anywhere from $1,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 while TV cameras are progressing. Actual PCH Sweepstakes 2018: PCH Win It All$1 Million Cash Plus $1,000 a Week for Life

PCH Prize Patrol Today

PCH Prize Patrol Today

PCH Prize Patrol Today – These memorable, real-life reactions of shocked lottery prize victors have amused spectators all across the U.S.A and led a number of lovely imitations on such TV shows as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show. Discover new winning opportunities every day by making PCH search a Daily routine. You can make PCHsearch as homepage of your PC. you can follow Facebook page of PCHsearch. You can follow the twitter tweeted by PCH search, etc… These strategies can increase your chance of winning pch sweepstakes. Good luck!

PCH Prize Patrol PCH Winners

PCH Prize Patrol

The company has awarded over hundred million in awards and has grown to enlarge significantly its gifts to comprise many ways to win connected and finished social media and movable access. The online game system provided by PCH has more than 10 million exclusive regular guests, and someone wins an award about every 10 minutes. Online winning chances are reachable from smart devices as well as personal computers and are obtained through the following PCH.

The winner is surprised by their sudden entrée at this doorstep, and he is gifted by about PCH big check, champagne and balloons. PCH Prize Patrol Clues – Accepting this gifts, rewards and warm congratulation the winner must be amazed and emotional. Also, the audience has mixed, happy feelings seeing the about PCH big check, balloons and champagne. The surrounding people have a great experience with the gifts and other things.

So if one wants to get the prize he needs to connect with PCH. He should have every update of PCH family. He should discover new winning opportunities every day by making PCH search. He can make PCHsearch as homepage of his PC. He can follow Facebook page of PCHsearch. He can follow the twitter tweeted by PCH search.

New PCH Sweepstakes: PCH $10,000 a Week for Life – PCH Entry $5000 Week Forever

When he gets the opportunity, in any page of a PCH family of sites, he should apply this. He can play games; he can win the lottery. He can also get involved into PCH online survey. Maybe one day the staffs from PCH will wait to give him about PCH big check, balloons and champagne with roses, and various flowers with chocolate. PCH Prize Patrol Team And with this gift the winner would be imbibed by deep emotions with laughter and tears and scream, with the sound of clapping of the surrounding audiences, which gives the pure joy to the audience as well as PCH prize patrol. The way by PCH works cannot resist the emotion of the winners. PCH Prize Patrol Winner – The winners win the prizes, but loss with his emotion to be frank in front of the audience.

1,218 Responses to “PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons”

  1. Rafael Arellano says:

    DID I win

  2. Marelin Negron says:

    Please activate now my prize number$1,000,000.00 plus more plus i want be my name in the winner selection. I want win this forthcoming prize pch Gwy.no.11000

  3. Marelin Negron says:

    Yes i accept my ownership eligibility certificate tltle fund transfer to my bank account activate now my prize number$1,000,000.00 plus more plus i want be my name in the winner selection. I want win this forthcoming prize pch Gwy.no.11000

  4. Sandra P. says:

    May 5th Sandra Page stoped by to see what the fuss was all about.
    Now I really know is Entering to Win #11000
    Super Prize, A ford Truck and The Big check, play them PCH games for two free entry’s dayly.and I love to shop so hurry by my Apartment soon.Im in it to win it! I enter every day.
    I’m for sure I’m going to get a knock at my door.
    If I’m not at home to answer just stand outside wait for me to return. Hahahaha

  5. James Gustus says:

    I don’t have a PC, I have been trying to win it all on my cell phone and I don’t think that anyone can win on their cell phone

  6. Marisol ECHEVARRIA says:

    All entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, 6/26/18 from this Bulletin will be eligible for our $1,000,000.00 Lump-Sum, $1,000.00 A-Week-For-Life plus a Brand New Ford Explorer Platinum (or the $55,530.00 cash equivalent) Win It All Prize (Giveaway No. 11000), our $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize® (Giveaway No. 18000), a $25,000.00 prize (Giveaway No. 11475) and $10,000.00 from Giveaway No. 10078.” Good

  7. Nancy Triola says:

    Can’t wait to meet the PCH Prize Patrol with the big check and beautiful flowers and balloons!

  8. Terri Hiott says:

    Please PCH pick me I want to Win more than anyone in the World long time PCH fan ..Todd

  9. Gregory Robles says:

    Yes, i gregory robles of phoenix arizona accept the winning pch legacy “win it all” 15 million summer life prize

  10. Ronald Godfrey says:

    Yes I’m ready to win but I don’t think I will that’s just the way it is on PCH Street

  11. Fred Haut says:

    PCH prize Patrol I was hoping you were going to stop here tomorrow but it’s not looking like that it’s going to happen it is with a heavy heart that I am replying better myself I don’t have much to say except congratulations to whomever

  12. Esther Velasquez says:

    Yes I want to claim my sweepstake prize….please. I was scamed 2 weeks ago by this scammer impersonating PCH patrol…It devastated me so much…I wish and pray for one day It will make my day come true, so I’ll know this is all true!!!

  13. Justin cearley says:

    Come on prize patrol come knock on my door please I have been playing and entering a lot am ready for a big win hope to see u very soon Justin

  14. Johnathan Criddle says:

    Win pch legacy win it all 15million summer life 7kawfl

  15. DeAnna Ward says:

    I want to claim number 1100 and Happy Birthday

  16. Sunil Khanna says:


  17. Julian Cisneros says:


  18. Cassidy Blonsky says:

    Hello YES I AM READY!

  19. DeAnna Ward says:

    Claiming number 1100 .Thank you Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes for giving me the chance to win!

  20. Carrie Cummings says:

    It should be me a single mother who is having a hard time getting by. Who is having a hard time paying rent. Needs a car to get a good job. I want a house paid off. Get 1100, 8800. I already got a call with a code . Please I want my daughter to have everything. Even though she is in second grade she is above her grade level. I want her to go to a good college. I should win. I play every day all day

  21. Julius C Myrick says:

    I Would Like To Win I Have 12 Grandsons & Granddaughters

  22. Fred Haut says:

    PCH search and see, it is me, Freddie haut 3 that you should be coming to see! With champagne flowers and balloons and lucky the big check with the big dollar amount that that prize of a lifetime, that lifetime prize!

  23. mark lasker says:

    I have written you time and time again and I don’t see any of my letters I have written you when I look through sorry I cant spell but again I want to thank you pch for this chance to win

  24. Roy Appel says:

    PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons
    … and he is gifted by about PCH big check, champagne and balloons. PCH Prize … Roy Appel WANTS TO WIN confirm … PCH … win $7,000.00 a week for life on April …
    Roy Appel Wants To Win 7 000 00 A Week For Life On April 27 Th Pch Confirm Prize…

    roy appel wants to win COMPLIACE TO WIN

  25. Jeffrey Leonard says:

    Pch.com I’m glad for the opportunity to be honest with you. I have been trying to win. I WANT to see you. I’d like to become a Superprize winner.

  26. James Watts says:

    Yes yes went to win to help my brother. An i out with . we had a house. We live in. The hurricane took a way in Louisiana. That not so good. That why i try very hard to win. For many years i been work on this to win. That i stay with this do i could win. Thank you pch. From James. F Watts

  27. Terri M Hiott says:

    It’s my B-Day almost on March 10 I’d love to Win anything on my 38th Birthday PCH I’ve played since childhood Pretty Please be My Dreams Come True!!

  28. Fred Haut says:

    Prize Patrol I do hope I get the chance to meet you all properly give your all a big hug or a warm handshake and we’ll have some champagne can’t help but dream about you showing up at my door with PCH superprize PS if I win the Win For Life prize with Lincoln MKZ my favorite color is burgundy I hope I meet you all soon Fred haut

  29. Ronald Godfrey says:

    I received a letter for E Wright for $10,576.92 payable each week for 52 weeks for a grand total of $550,000.00 Approved for Ronald Godfrey and I would you like to receive it !

  30. Roy Appel says:

    PCH Prize Patrol with a Big Check, Champagne and Balloons
    … and he is gifted by about PCH big check, champagne and balloons. PCH Prize … to me prize funds transfer … Roy Appel WANTS TO WIN confirm …
    PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway No. 8800
    … PCH $10 Million SuperPrize Giveaway No. 8800. … MONEY TRANSFER GUaRANTEE ROY APPEL WANTS TO WIN FULL COMPLIANCE. … and the 7600, 7667, …
    Dictionary.com’s List of Every Word of the Year …

    Info You Need — Prizes You Want
    PCH Winner Selection Notice Of Compliance For Winner Selection

    Final Step Bulletin

    Final Step Required

    Brief Mr. Appel:
    You could be selected the definitive winner of
    $4,978,632.OO on March 3rd!
    One final step is required…


    >>> Roy Appel, you are poised to rightfully obtain a fully-valid chance to win $4,978,632.OO, guaranteed to be awarded from PCH Giveaway Nos. 76OO and 7667.

    Take the final step to be in full compliance with today’s eligibility requirements — search at PCHSearch&Win to enter. See the checklist below.
    Final Step Bulletin issued and affirmed by pertinent PCH Officials.
    Roy Appel selected to receive Final Step Bulletin.
    Timely delivery of Final Step Bulletin to recipients including
    Roy Appel.
    Searching at PCHSearch&Win to secure this opportunity for
    winner selection.


    Roy, if you fail to search by 11:59 PM, ET you cannot win with the Prize Numbers that you would have claimed upon a timely search at PCHSearch&Win today.

    Do not disregard this warning! Search now to complete your compliance requirements and claim your chance to Win $4,978,632.OO on March 3rd!
    Deborah Holland, Todd Sloane, Michael Collins, Dave Sayer, Maryann Carter

  31. Lourdes Iduate says:

    I enter to claim the prize patrol and big check $1,000.00. I like to be a winner

  32. Lourdes Iduate says:

    pch activity prize GWY 8035

  33. Emily gee says:

    publishers clearing house winner

  34. Emily gee says:

    publishers clearing house emily gee i claim winner February 23,2018 im claiming notice OF mandatory compliance for imminent winner selection AND I’m claiming winning number found report/pch emily gee claim’s notice of compliance winner selection list final step +final step activation compliance mandatory, emily gee iclaim number 690g+8800 doposit onto the winner selection list, Emily Gee claiming instructions for lifetime prize number and emily gee im claiming my official WINNER winner prize forever plus please immediately top winner WIN winner feb23 2018 thank you for my happiness pch

  35. Emily gee says:

    publishers clearing house emily gee i claim winner February 23,2018

  36. Fred Haut says:

    PCH prize Patrol I’m in it to win it I’ve been here two or three years doesn’t matter I’m still in it to win it I want that life changing Mega prize $5,000 a week forever or a cool $1000000 heck I’d be happy with whatever you brought PCH please make PCH please make my dreams come true

  37. Lourdes Iduate says:

    I would like to win and the prize patrol to turn up and give me A Big Check personally ! With red balloons And Champaign would like to win the 5000 a Week Forever the PCH

  38. cora taylor says:

    I enter to claim the prize patrol and big check $1,000.00. I like to be a winner

  39. Terri Marie Hiott says:

    Please, PCH I need an want to Win more than anyone in the World! My Dream Come True!!

  40. DeAnna G Ward says:

    I have always wanted to win Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes



  42. Kim Campbell says:

    i want to claim all my superprize numbers fully validated and authorized for the transfer of my superprize numbers all to be transferred onto the official winner selection list i claim all my prize numbers . California resident issued 10/31/2017 check digit ” VERIFIED” expiration date 12/18/2017 this original document displays my entrant information as listed in our records and my prize number issued herein that is fully eligible to win the 3 part prize listed below on 12/22/2017 upfront payment $2,600,000.00 gwy 8800 upfront payment fully eligible win for life $5,000.00 a week for life gwy 8800 fully eligible to win immediate bonus brand new luxury car gwy 8802 fully eligible to win seal of authenticity 2017 authorized signature Todd Sloane i kim campbell want to claim my superprize number **** **** **** for the turn back time wiinner. proof of prize number ownership has been assinged to me prize funds transfer processing approval authorization the prize indicated below has agreed to the signers hereon $2,600,000.00 at once $5,000.00 a week for life kim campbell documents approved for release michael collins assistant V.P. controller deborah holland executive vice president todd sloane senior vice president. funds have been secured and will soon be transferred from the publishers clearing house disbursement account from which the winner will be paid. kim campbell with fully valid prize number 6541 4423 0012 assigned to u now the transfer can conclude with the awarding of prize funds to u on dec 22 notice: W-49 17FTV date of issuance november 27,2017 17-ftv the official publishers clearing house official document 17-FTV giveaway number 8800 registered as required by state of new york,a surety bond has secured the authorization of funds for prize payment, prize amount confirmed by pch officials publishers clearing house,prize funds approved for disbursement account*****0087704 i kim campbell transferred superprize number onto the official W-49 document with my fully valid eligible superprize number 6541 4423 0012 transfer my label from the official W-49 document onto winner selection list for the turn back time winner.loyal friends prize upgrade alert for kim campbell special prize upgrade has been granted for the 2,600,000.00$ at once plus $5,000.00 a week for life prize biggest weekly lifetime payout with extra prize numbers for this event reveal special upgrade here kim campbell gwy no.8800 2.6 million -plus-$8,000.00 a week for life largest weekly lifetime payout with extra prize #”s for the event! (**** **** ****) (**** **** ****) (**** **** ****) prize upgrade alert for KC extra prize numbers for the turn back time prize event winner alert one time only upgrade hurry deadline is dec 21 4 star best customer loyal entrant since 2014 winner selection list change notice RE: prize number concerning “TURN BACK TIME” prize –$2,600,000.00 at once, plus 5,000.00 a week for life assigned to kim campbell **KIM CAMPBELL** **WINNER SELECTION LIST** claim another superprize number from the dec 22 event **** **** **** claim and transfer it onto winner selection list!!!! manager pch contest department for maintaining eligibility requirements and ensuring a fair chance of entries winner identity not known by pch prior to giveaway drawing for 12/22/17 prize event. by MARYANN CARTER. winning headquarters winner selection list multi million dollar “TURN BACK TIME” SUPERPRIZE no: **** **** **** way to go danielle lam dave sawyer and todd sloane pch prize patrol elite team prize funds approved for winner ******** 2017 AGREEMENT TO TRANSFER PRIZE FUNDS TO THE WINNER ON DEC 22 PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AGREES TO AUTHORIZE THE TRANSFER OF PRIZE FUNDS FROM DISBURESMENT ACCOUNT ************* TO A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR LIFETIME PRIZE EVENT WINNER ***** GRASS VALLEY CA.. winner identity notarization notice winner selection imminent . co signed in JERICHO new york KATHY TAYLOR SECreTARY, PCH PDG CORE WORLD HEADQUARTERS. SIGNED BY TODD SLOANE PCH PRIZE PATROL> DEBORAH HOLLAND, VICE PRESIDENT. P.S. plus win from this notice and you”ll also receive a brand new luxury car as a special bonus. P.P.S. kim, please read through this bulletin carefully for instructions on how to use the two gold seals enclosed. when prize funds transfer to the winner APPROVED OFFICE OF VICE PRESIDENT PCH PUBLICATION NO:******. low price alert form code X*** this area for official use only mail i.d:2017np*** item count over 50 categories home, entertainment, kitchen, health and beauty and more order limit 4 selection only and final free offers big savings. response pak envelope. this bulletin has been starred with a green star symbol 250.00 $ fast cash winner gwy 10703 superprize # 0193 0*** **** fully valid for kim campbell processing id number official W-** ** **** **** red envelope winner selection list 10 digit id # 50 **** **** official order entry form 12/11/17 entry order form W-49 kim campbell 10 digit id # ** **** **** response pak id #entry processsing label ** **** **** entry validation label 10 digit id #** **** ****

    pch.com/respond – PCH Respond Now Notification
    pch.com/respond – Respond Now – PCH offers a number of sweepstakes with cash prizes. Lets clear something first before we pursue: Are PCH SuperPrize winners notified by email? NO! Now learn what you can do to increase your chance to win…