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PCHTV.com – Watch then Win. PCHTV.com is a major hype these days. But what is PCHTV.com? Well, you get the basic idea if you land on the homepage and read the “TALE OF TWO SUPERPRIZE WINNERS”! For the very first time, their life-changer Winning Moment has featured 2 people winning $1,000,000.00! Folks… it’s safe to say that this is this is pretty much what website is all about.

And you also get to know something about the last Million Dollar Winning guy, who got to see “underneath” the Winning Moment as this person joined the Prize Patrol, much to the surprise of the latest Millionaire!

This site features the dazzling moments as those people unbelievable Winning Moments!

If you’re enthused about the whole thing, you’re supposed to write-in the entry instructions. They let you write-in as many times as you wish and as frequently as you wish to enter their continuous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. All you need to do is write at the address they provide in PCHTV.com website.

Sweepstakes eligibility would be entirely based on the date on which they receive your write-in entry. Only mail each and every entry separately. They won’t accept entries that come from any 3rd party or entries that reach them in bulk.

For receiving the upcoming Sweepstakes opportunities, for the latest list of winners, and for getting unregistered from receiving Bulletins, all you need to know is to let them know by giving them a call or writing to them as they provide their mailing address in the website.

All prizes will be guaranteed to be completely awarded as they are offered. And there’s no essential provision of purchase or payment for entering the Sweepstakes. So what is PCHTV.COM? Why don’t you see for yourself?



Who won the Publishers Clearing House 2019?

Publishers Clearing House Winners: Ricky Williams From Prestonsburg, KY Wins ,000 a Week for Life - YouTube.

Who won Publishers Clearing House June 30 2019?

Publishers Clearing House announces Crystal Crawford as the winner of one of its prize money sweepstakes. The company encourages viewers to enter its next giveaway, ending June 27, 2019, for a chance to win ,000 a month for life. The winner will be announced on June 30, 2019.

Has anyone won Publishers Clearinghouse?

People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. ... But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.

Who won PCH 5000 a week for life 2019?

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Publishers Clearing House gave away a large prize in Prestonsburg Friday afternoon. Ricky Williams won ,000 a week for life.

Who won the Publishers Clearing House 2019?

Publishers Clearing House Winners: Ricky Williams From Prestonsburg, KY Wins ,000 a Week for Life - YouTube.

Who was the winner of Publishers Clearing House today?

Congratulations to PCH's newest SuperPrize winner, Toby Moore of Columbus, OH!

Who won PCH 5000 a week for life 2019?

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Publishers Clearing House gave away a large prize in Prestonsburg Friday afternoon. Ricky Williams won ,000 a week for life.

Who won Publishers Clearing House April 26 2019?

Congratulations to M. MCNEILL of Euclid, OH on winning the MM Superprize for Giveaway #13000!

43 Responses to “PCHTV.com – Watch then Win Website”

  1. Mary Franklin Mathis says:

    Ready to win PCH!


    hello pch and yes i would like to win 1,500.00 a week for life

  3. Teresa Johnson says:

    Play enter,watch then win.

  4. Teresa Johnson says:

    Enter as much as possible to have a greater chance at winning the superprize® Forever pch sweepstake giveaway no purchase necessary, buying won’t help you to win,all entries have the same chance of winning as every other entry.l have not yet won anything is possible.

  5. Brenda Rhodes says:

    I want to activate the 10,000.00 millon and activitie the 10,ooo.ooo thousand aweek for life and forever I want to win it all

  6. Sandra Ferris says:

    Yes I really love to be able to keep myself clear did i win any money

  7. Teresa Johnson says:

    Pchtv watch then win entry winning moment. Give it every thing I got for the next big winner

  8. Carla M Antee says:

    Knock Knock

  9. Gloria Lewis says:


  10. Jerry Whitworth says:

    As days are tough through work, stress of war with no intent! P C H will make you forget other stress allowing you to be blessed. Play the game, stay sane and don’t complain! You win every day I having fun forgetting about all the Hate in our life everyday and God bless the families that hate has affected,PCH is there to care, and knowing your lost will give someone else hope including you to reach hope.

  11. Jerry Whitworth says:

    PCH is so nice to play, even with major pain its fun to enjoy all the time. I lost a lot but I have fun playing and hoping to win to enjoy the fun of making other happy!!!
    Every day I pray and try to play PCH way!!!
    Fun all the way as I play and winning is the top and has a lot of $ to win, time to begin again. Thanks for the dream and fun again thanks PCH


  12. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch I want to win the super prize:)

  13. Jerry Whitworth says:

    As time are hard, we look for a chance to play games and have hope and dreams to win!! No matter how bad you are lied to P C H will all tell the truth American as apple pie is the place be if you care.
    Winner are here and there here @ P C H there every where!!! Thank God for Hope with no phone no pen, Our rules are to win everyday we play…. Thanks to fun, thanks to work if you can, PCH is there to stay….JUST PLAY…

  14. pacharaporn Bane says:

    Hi I would like to know I am a winner or not, please let me know thank you to help out, God bless !

  15. Jaime Cornejo says:

    I been A PCH Fan for 2 1/2 years and the emails I receive I hope that they are not lead on to no where. I do my entry’s every day and play my games too. I view pchtv.com past winners. I don’t understand the winner act like they don’t know whats going on and don’t know who the Prize Patrol is. They look scare. I’m afraid people who do enter don’t win and people who don’t enter are the WINNERs. I’m ready to win.. – pch.com/sweeps

  16. edriri says:

    Hey guys i know each one economics problems first is health and all needs money but remember if you can win helps others pch is an angels in your lives remember that you can win be an angel for one people who needs god bless you all are winners god give the perfect gith exist dont forget

  17. Wendy says:

    Hi, Oh my gosh on TV I really don’t think it’s a good idea For me on TV because it’s not safe for me I prefer to be more private person No TV it better that way I am very very shy too Everybody knows me anyway I prefer NO TV I LOVE YOU ALL PCH TEAM

  18. Randy Smith says:

    I’m trying to learn my kindle in enter all ready – PCHTV.com

  19. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 nov 26 th

  20. Cassandra says:

    Yes I would love to win 7,000 a week for life on november26th #3080 Cassandra glover

  21. Shirley says:

    My heart goes out to Anthony. But all of us are hurting and need money. It would be really nice if all of us had a fairy godmother that we could just wave our hand or call her and ask for money.God help us all.
    Good Luck to all of the PCH Fan’s.

  22. jerry Whitworth says:

    PCH gives me hope some of my days are very dark, and
    life has no good times. EVERYTHING all of us need good dream, hope and what on earth we do not always see. When I pray to God it is for the good of all and help people or things that can only be done by believing for the real issues of the needs of all. PCH is believing in having fun every day I am able to play, wish and enjoy!


    Just play on and thanks to PCH every day you can play!!

  23. Foresteen Walker says:

    I would love to win Publishers Clearing House TV. O Spirit gather closely Let me know you’ll never leave Guide me with your gentle voice Give me the courage to succeed. In the name of Jesus. (smile)

  24. foresteen walker says:

    This would be a joy in a wonderful day, If Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol team show up at my door. (smile)

  25. foresteen walker says:

    After all any given moment has its value it can be questioned in the light of after events, but the moment remains. when I see the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol team knock on my door. The house that make dream come true. You want to see somebody happy and grateful, I can go on and on but i won’t. Merry Chirstmas And Happy New Years. stay safe everyone. (smile)

  26. Cathy Roach says:

    I did enter the ten million dollar entry form from PCH.TV tonight at 11:17 pm, I will do my best to enter now before it closes at eleven fifty nine pm.
    Cathy Roach

  27. foresteen walker says:

    I must be strong,I must go the distance with my dreams through thick and thin days, I must make my dreams happen,I have the eye of hunger the heart of faith,I will not let doubt exist in my life I will keep the faith,And I know I can accomplish anything,And yes I would love to see the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol team At my door(smile)

  28. Cynthia Baker says:

    I would love to $10 Million Dollars from Publishers Clearing House or $5,000 dollars a week forever prize.

  29. Jerry WHITWORTH says:

    As time goes on people watch and wonder if we have a chance to win. Everyone always has a chance to win even me…..PCH is the only real game and true chance to win with no cost never do you pay I mean never. Yet you always have a great odds to win again and again. Then you look at what you can win Lincoln’s and Other great SUV’s like Land Rovers the suv on earth like it is having two of them. Than the local sponsors we all seen ours. PCH is the best not like the rest and great products and service companies know that, only sponsors of quality take time and money to spend so you only win the best from the best PCH power on Forever!!

  30. georgena alvarez says:

    well all can say whos ever blessed with this grand prize winning rember thank the person upabove and dont just take also give back by donating time to help people in need but however it would be a blessing if i was able to win any of the money of prize patroll 5,000 a week for life or one million dollars my kids and would be set for life i would be able to do what i always wanted to do give back thats the greatest feeling to be able to do besides winning so come knock knock at my door im ready so come to avondale az

  31. William Baker says:

    Well the prize patrole in going on the move again. I wish they was comeing to reno nevada and surprise me wit a big check. I’m in need of a life changeing event. Bills no job. Little income two support my two little ones. Single parent. Its hard wit little money to live off of. Please lord I need a blessing a merical right now. Please pch come and make my day please. pchfivethousandaweekforlive.

  32. The Carpenter Family (Vickie) says:

    July 29, 2019 @ 12:49 pm
    I think winning is wonderful but not as much as
    helping others in need. I am disabled and my
    husband is ready to retire because of his health
    and we would love to win to help others who need it
    in these hard times. We have been so blessed to
    have so much and it would be nice to just retire
    and enjoy life as well as helping out to our
    people who need it now more than ever. God bless
    all and hope whoever wins really needs it.
    I hope this is our time to win.

  33. Jerry WHITWORTH says:

    Down to it, winning is great if the winner cares about the time Publishers Clearing House is real and spends time getting great sponsors, local and always sponsors who’s products and or services are great. An with them and all the time, expense it takes to no just get but keep the best. The games you play everyday where real people win many times with dreams that truly come true. Well and the Prize Patol team, again the best!!! I am so glad in such tough times we have a chance daily to win. God Bless Publisher Clearing House A Great part of the American Dream…..Dream On

  34. Jerry WHITWORTH says:

    The winner will know and say, now I know it’s real Dave!!!! As the tears of joy and the words of a person like no other a legend in there and someone’s else to care on forever !! God bless PCH and all their Great Sponsors from the heart and soul of a changed person and many people that will Benifit from this exciting time for everyone who played to win forever….

  35. Jerry Whitworth says:

    I would love to see a good person not only to them self but to other. A person that will give value to them slf of couse for winning. But what they do with other in there life people and services that realy need people that care about there world just to give a little kindness to the future of our world by giving some back to make it a better place. People with out money can give love and want to give more but can’t, and it hurts, I know from one who has nothing, but I care more that the right person wins that needs the money and does not get lost in ther pile they all ready have. I love America for what we were not what we are becoming. These winner can be a good part of what we are be coming forever. God Bless PCH for them making it a daily part of there lives to help and give Dreams to people with no hope…I am proud to be an Amican and always will. Wish I had more money t6o help in areas rich people of today should care about, only more money is most rich people dreams. As poor as I am I dream that people who can make a differents try!!!!

  36. bobby de mary says:

    I would like to win to help my daughter that has cancer with her bills because her mom & I love her so much

  37. Shirley says:

    This would be a Dream come true if I win. You never know just keep praying and wait and see. Everyone good luck. Have a wonderful day.

  38. William Baker says:

    Id like to be an instent win super prize winner of a coo one million dollars. Make my dreams come true after 28 years of playing and entering contests.

  39. William Baker says:

    I sure could use a million dollar’s rite now. Id love to get luc some day and get a visit from the prize patrole and hand me a check for a million dollar and make me a super prize winner.

  40. Pedrina Drinkard says:

    Dear friends at PCH,I just participated in an entry on PCHTV.com. Well, it is not about wining a TV and 1 million as I said on my previous email! But, about win 1 millon, which will be a wonderful blessing from GOD if I be the winner. Thank you all for let me be part of the PCH family. Pedrina Drinkard

  41. Pedrina Drinkard says:


    Dear friends at PCH,
    I just learned today about PCHTV.com, which is a great news. Well,be win a TV and 1million would a bless from GOD. Thank you all for so many opportunities for me to be the win one day.
    Pedrina Drinkard

  42. Marcia Green says:

    I’ve been entering since 1982. I have not given up. My day is coming soon. I will be the next to say I know it is really real, I didn’t give up and I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Never give up!!!

  43. Tara Machesney says:

    I would love to win a vip pass to the red carpet premeire of Eclipse. please, please, please pick me!!!